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Could be good if it worked correctly

Posted on 28 February 2012
Unfortunately for me this product does not work correctly. I purchased the year membership required to get this product but when installed on a fresh 1.7 site with no other 3rd party extensions or templates installed, I had many errors including css, java script and more which made the site lag big time. Sometimes as much as 10 seconds!!! Comment system did not work correctly either.

When I asked for help in the support forums, they did respond within 24 hours. So that was good but still no fix. They told me they knew about the JS bugs and it was also because of my configuration that I am having all the other dozens of errors (I'm using HostGator on a fresh install of 1.7 like thousands of others). They offer a so called 7 day risk free money back guarantee that doesn't seem to work either! I could go on but Joomla! doesn't want disputes on here. So bottom line, I would never do business with this company again.
Owner's reply: We tried to explain to you that the errors are generated by your personal Joomla template, that your site is using. This contains incompatibilities with Joomla, generating then also errors in our and other components. We cannot fix this 3rd party template errors, since this is not part of our component support. You should contact the template developer for this.

Regarding this, after sorting everything out the customer stated on our open forum the followings:

- "I sincerely appreciate you and your teams willingness to fix the issues I am having."

Regarding the support, all reported issues (if confirmed) are always fixed in usually max. 24 hours - fact that is visible in our support ticket system and forum.

Great Form Builder with even better support

Posted on 22 February 2012
I have been using Chronoforms for almost a year now and I am glad I choose this one. It can do sooo much more than a simple "Contact Us" page. Max and Bob have given me and thousands of others truly great support and both of them are very responsive to your questions weather submitted on the forums and/or through email. This extension is kept up to date quickly too which is great.

With Chronoforms, you can quickly create a simple contact form or with a little coding knowledge, you can create super creative and very useful forms that really benefit both the end user and the webmaster. Easily display info from the database for a particular user or in general.

If you are looking for a simple but powerful and very capable form builder, this is it. I have tried a few others and, well, this is the best in my opinion. Thank you Chronoengine for your great work!!!

OK but has issues

Posted on 01 October 2011
This extension is OK but you can't put html code in the module on a 1.7 site. Questions about this issue have gone unanswered in the support forums. Also if you only have 1 line of text, the second line will be filled in automatically with the developers info... even if you try to delete it. (have to modify the xml as a workaround;) Mootools version doesn't seem to work either. Could be an excellent extension if everything worked or was at least trying to be fixed.

If you don't care to use code then this is a great text display.

Nice and Simple

Posted on 16 January 2011
Installed with no problems. Easy to setup. Works and looks great. Nice extension. THANK YOU!
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