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Stand up developer

Posted on 21 February 2018
Does what I wanted (and many others didn't) so for that it's great
Ease of use
Had some troubles getting it set up right but may be down to template (which we're changing). Settings seem pretty straighforward.
Previously bashed them but forum was not right place for fast answer. Use email. Dev is a stand up guy. Many other's should take example.
Value for money
I used this to: Will use this on the "detail" pages of a project portfolio section. So far it's very nice but we have to change our original template and start again. Will update then but we expect it to be just as good.

Really good start

Posted on 20 September 2010
This is a great extension in that it does everything it says it does.

Took me all of maybe 4 1/2 minutes to setup.

I'm on an Evo w/ Froyo (2.2) and I love it.

If I have any criticism it's a slight one - when I turn my phone to landscape, the logo area takes up a bit much of the screen but it doesn't really affect usage so no biggie.

I soooo hope you continue developing this because it needs a few more features. Editing existing articles being the main one but for what it is it does it's job well and I really dig it.

Thanks for contribution and keep up the good work!
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