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Nice Extension but....

Posted on 06 March 2018
Does what it says, TRIAL has almost no functions to check out. That why only score of 50 here
Ease of use
As many of those "free" extensions documentation is kind of rare
Value for money
I used this to: Wanted to check the free extension to see if it would be worthwhile buying it eventually. It looks like a great extension and exactly what i was searching for, just TOO many NO-GOs in it. Ok it´s a free ext but 3/4 of the fuctions are unavailable, within the most important ones..

Great extension, well supported

Posted on 10 April 2013
For a long time i was trying to find a solution to offer paid content on my website and there were only two solutions worth trying: CBSubs and - PayPerDownload.

Since CBSubs by Joomlapolis is a VERY expensive extension i was giving a try to PPD first and i have to say i was happy i did.

Installing easyly, well setting up needed a bit of understanding how the extension exactly workes ... but very friendly and quick support was on the way by Ratmil.

Had only some little pitfalls with SEFed Categories on J1.5.

But Ratmil is doing a great job in supporting and throwing new versions every once in a months.

Great extension, very fair priced, great support - highly recommeded !!!

No support, no login possible ...

Posted on 30 October 2012
Well its a shame, it seems to be a nice plugin. Wanted to download it but:

there is no Login possible to download it even after registering on the site and returning the register-link in the email. There is no email to contact the developer on the webpage, the support-link on the site doesnt work ... bad enough. Use another Plugin now!


Sorry ... but this doesnt work!

Posted on 27 February 2012
Assuming that i was was aware that SEF is a very complex issue in advance ... i tried out this free SEF-Extension.

On first place installed very smoothly, presenting a very nice user-interface.

Installed it, configured all adjustements to be done, ready, steady - go. So far so good, but this is where all the trouble began!

Meanwhile have i spent 2 weeks of my precious lifetime editing wrongly interpreted and correcting 404s and duplicated URLs ... just to find myself having to begin again and again from the top!

ACEsef seems to be a very nice tool and IF it would be working correctly i would definately stick to it.

But i had to DEinstall it as my whole website was messed up after using it.

My main critcs are:

1.) ACEsef has a few bugs. Once you edit some URL (wether a duplicated or 404) after saving it the list of URLs just disappears from screen! Cant get it back by reloading page. Sometimes it appears again by changing the component-dropdown, but not for sure. This is very annoying and a P...-i.-t..-A..!

2.) Sometimes when you edit an URL the edit-window just shows up fullscreen not getting back to normal even if you save or cancel the action. Have to switch back to last page in browser.

3.) the URLs get wrongly interpreted all over and over again. Once you have the right configuration set up and all URLs are ok, next day it ears up all things and it starts adding new URLs with 404s and Moved-URLs ... not keeping the ones you already have set up correct.

I couldn´t get the extension to work correctly after 14(!) day of intense tryout and adjustments, correcting URLs again and again, reading all possible information there is such as Forum and helpfiles or documentation. And i am not a novice nor to joomla or computing in general.

I am sure that ACEsef is a powerful extension with many features. But as said not yet working correctly in all aspects. Maybe one day worth trying again if all problems have been sold out. For now not worth a penny (for me!).
Owner's reply: Thank you for your notification but I've noticed there are no any support topic or email. I would like to help you if you contact us.


Great extension!

Posted on 10 December 2011
Thanks to the developers i can have all my extensions translated in a glimpse! Great tool works right out oft the box. Install and start translating all tools in your site that dont have translatioin in your language...its worth Five Stars! Great Job!


Posted on 23 December 2010
Nice Idea of Ext. but regrettably not a very good documentation ...
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