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Great Extension and Great Developer

Posted on 05 February 2015
It does exactly what we need.
Ease of use
I was using Fabrik before and I also tried Content Builder and Breezing Forms. This has been much easier to set up and use.
I found two problems and submitted those to the developer. The response was very quick and accurate. In both cases, it was my fault not his.
The documentation is adequate and most people shouldn't have a problem with it. I thought is was just a little sparse, but still very good.
Value for money
Excellent -- only 18 euros for a product that will run on a very busy government site.
I used this to: We use this to provide lists of pdf documents on our sites. These lists are the busiest pages of our sites so it was important to find something that worked well and was also easy to administer. I highly recommend this!

Very Useful Extension and Great Customer Service

Posted on 27 October 2010
This extension does exactly as advertised and does it well. There is some complexity to it, but remember that you're dealing with an operating system, a web server, Joomla! and a complex extension all at once. We've had a few installation issues, mainly due to unix permissions and apache configuration, but none unsurmountable. I can highly recommend this for people that need to run multiple sites on one server.

Edwin's customer service is second to none!
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