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Bad Experience

Posted on 18 March 2011
I believe the reviews that this is a great application. Installed it and went through all the configurations, completely impressed. Went to my live site to check the changes and a fatal error of some kind made the entire site blank.

Scariest thing I've ever seen from an extension. Deactivating the components made it work again.

The forums report this problem, but I couldn't see an easy path out of it, so I uninstalled.
Owner's reply: Hi, if you get blank page on your site, you should enable php error reporting to get info from PHP which error caused it. On Joomla! site, many different extensions can be installed together (mostly it is not possible for one developer to check if his extension is not in conflict with 7000 other extensions). But getting PHP error is the best way to solve the problem.

PDF document needs to have clean header but if some other extension renders some error or warning, etc, the pdf document will be not rendered. Etc. Etc. So e.g. warning, bad encoding of other extension may not affect html output but it prevents from rendering PDF document. :-(

But all this should be solved in forum.

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