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Excellent Tooltips

Posted on 06 December 2013
I was looking for a plugin which allowed to insert an article with is "id" on a link tips.

Easy to install, easy to use, a lot of function...

Wonderful job on Joomla 3.2 !

Many Thanks !

Do you really need a zoom on your website ?

Posted on 09 November 2013
This is the first question you had to ask yourself.

I was supposed to use it on hikashop products, and there is a files to replace in the hikashop views. Before buying this plugin I've asked on the forum about some details, but I find the replies stay nebulous even if the support propose to install it directly on your backend.

So I've try it alone, it's not easy to set, I've encountered some bugs with other famous plugins. So maybe it's a good plugin for a simple zoom but not to integrate it in Hikashop.

As I don't want to let someone doing it instead of me, in fact I don't use it, I prefer to know how it runs in case of trouble.

I think 15$ is really to expensive for a simple zoom (almost if you compare it as great things like Maximenu or Falang), and the commercial process which is "I can do it for you" is not really fair.

In fact I've lost 15$ and don't use any zoom...
Owner's reply: Thank you for your comment.

Art ZoomIn comes with modified default flypage from Hikashop so if you use default Hikashop template it's enough to just replace flypage file.

Different sites use different Hikashop templates. Hope you understand we cannot have modified flypages for all Hikashop templates in the world in our package.

That's why we provide free support - you can simply send us flypage you use and we will send you the modified file. Then all you need is to place it to necessary folder. That's all.

Please feel free to contact us by email:


Posted on 05 August 2013
Good component !

Higly customizable, and in "one" component, you haven't many modules to install.

Really good support team on the forum.

Quite easy to use. A good free simple e-commerce solution.

A really good Gallery Component

Posted on 23 March 2011
The component is easy to understand and to use, a lot of functions, plugins work fine.

I use it in several types of galleries, slideshow, and to display different pictures of my creations in different module without difficulties. I've create different profiles which allowed to display the same gallery with differents settings in different place in my site.

The developper is really serious and give a good support in case of trouble.

The component backend is displayed in my langage so it's easy to understand the settings. I've tried many and many and many free galleries and I don't regret to have bought this one ! We can customize it too.

A great job, I hope it will be developped and developped...
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