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major issues with support and availability

Posted on 23 October 2014
I purchased this on a Friday thinking I'd have instagram up and running by the weekend. wrong. I never heard from them after purchase nor was the product available to download.

I sent them three messages and even posted to their support forum without a response. They finally got back to me the following Thursday saying:

"very soon we return my insta on ur site. Now you can download from email attachment."

not exactly sure what that means. I installed the module, and when I clicked on the documentation link I got:



We will be back shortly


So take this into consideration if you're looking at buying an instagram module

use it, trust it

Posted on 20 August 2014
Been using this for over a year. Before this it would take literally hours of boring work to send out a newsletter with ZOO content. So I almost never did it. Now, it takes about ...1 minute and I have a regular newsletter schedule. I just create a newsletter in AcyMailing then select the ZOOmailing tag for my most recent article, ZOOmailing does the rest and adds the article to my newsletter.

I do with there was more control and customization options so it would look less boilerplate template-ish but I'm still happy. Totally didn't know they don't charge for non-profit sites because I just renewed. doh.


Posted on 24 March 2011
Great app - fills a need.

nothing is worse then writing while loosing track of time then clicking SAVE only to see the login field appear and realizing you just lost the entire article.

App installed perfectly and does what is advertises
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