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Very excited to see next version

Posted on 21 February 2014
Congratulations you are the first developer to actually make something simplistic.

1) Download to install = less than 5 seconds

2)creating your first gallery = less than 5 seconds

3)Filling that gallery with photos = will take to the end of time since you can only upload one photo at a time.

Good concept, easy to use, unfortunately its another 90% complete design. Who only uploads 1 picture at a time in todays world??
Owner's reply: Thanks for the review. Appreciate the feedback.

Functionality to upload multiple photos at a time is indeed currently limited zip-files. Packaging multiple photos together in a zip-file is a great way to safe time uploading content.

Next version will feature an updated layout as well as improved upload and gallery management functionality.

For specific feature requests and suggestions, feel free to get in touch directly.


Posted on 20 February 2014
ANother half thought out joomla extension available here.

Great a countdown clock, but no way of resetting from when it starts. I just downloaded installed in 3 seconds. Set a date for 2 days from now and the countdown clock says I have 620 days until my event. There is no way or anywhere to input where you want the clock to start counting from. One would think this would be an automatic read or crucial line of code for something like but then again what do I know.

You need this

Posted on 29 November 2011
First off I have been looking at photo gallery components since June (last 6 months) I have tried the free ones the paid ones and the rare ones. I have had to go to my bank and get money back multiple times because of misleading and false features listed.

All I want is a component that...

-Installs with out me having to code or do anything other than click my mouse button.

- be able to create multiple albums without having to code or designate a primary image folder. Just want to click new type the name of the album and start uploading

- be able batch upload. You would not believe how many of these stupid photo gallery components out there only let you upload one photo at a time unless you know how to code, want to FTP, or zip a folder to upload.

This component hits all of these marks. EVERYONE ONE OF THEM!!!!!!

Seriously in under 2 minutes literally I had 3 albums created and 54 pictures uploaded to my site spread out across 3 albums. This is a well thought out component and does what it says it does.

The only thing that could make this better and propel this developer well beyond the competition out there is if they made front end controls that would allow you to batch upload and create albums. That would make this the "PERFECT" gallery.

To all coders take note this is how you design a component.

Disappointed once again

Posted on 21 July 2011
All I want is a gallery that downloads and installs with mouse clicks. I dont want to have to set up databases or extract and FTP files all over the place.

This program is almost there. I downloaded it and installed and created one album for my gallery in under 2 minutes.


Except the resize coding doesnt work, and because of this it displays oversized photos very cheasy looking. I thought after days of searching I finally found a winner. This minor thing could be fixed I am sure by admin/support, but then I started searching a little farther into into.

Its free which you cant complain too much then, but the watermarking doesnt work, and everything else is alacart. $14 for facebook pluging, $24 for batch upload because who wants to upload one photo at a time, $24 for this, $16 for that. So really its not free.

Its ok, but if a little more time would have been spent on the coding part I would have settled for it. Thats how frustrated I am in trying to find a photo gallery that

A)downloads and installs on its own

B)Allows me to create multiple albums in gallery

C) batch upload from front end or back end

D) Displays photos respectively

that i am finally willing to settle for one that kind of works. Am I really asking for too much in a gallery???

Seriously install easy, create multiple albums, upload multiple photos at once & display decent pictures? Isnt that a prerequesit in developing a photo gallery component????
Owner's reply: Dear whispers8021,

Thank you for your feedback. It makes us think over FW Gallery and its add-ons from a customer point of view. We will revise our policy and hope you and all our other customers will support it. Today we've made FW Gallery Batch Upload free for everyone, so the batch uploading won't be an inconvenience for you any more.
As for the resizing and watermark malfunctioning, it is the first time we hear that it doesn't work.
We'd appreciate it if you could contact us and report in detail about the problem. So we could check and fix it for you and other customers.
Thank you again for your review.


Posted on 01 July 2011
First off dont even look any farther if your looking for a job board in joomla. I am not a coder I am not a programmer and I hate purchasing extensions or components that require me to be either of those things to make what I purchase operable.

When I buy something i expect it to work like this. I download to my computer I upload to my website and it works nothing else. No bugs to fix no support no nothing. If you hear from me I generally am pissed off and want my money back.

This was not the case with Joombah Jobs. I originally spent the $105 on the Jobs Basic becuase I figured the higher price tag meant a better product. That couldn't have been a more wrong assumption. Where Jobs Basic lacked Joombah Jobs excelled in EVERY Category including support.

Like EASYBLOG Joombah Jobs appreciates my/your business and when a problem did arise they stepped up to the plate and immediately resolved it. Even though it wasn't their fault. It had nothing to do with their code or product it was my hosting company with some htaccess.file. Once fixed Joombah Jobs has worked outstanding.

It is very sleak & lightweight. It comes with a small price tag & a alot of top notch Support. It is very customizable and is ready out the box. You do not need any coding knowledge or programming skills. Download then upload then let your customers use it. Very easy very nice and exactly what i was loooking for.

And a side note since paypal is so quick to shut down merchant accounts or freeze accounts I wanted a job board with a google checkout plugin and this comes with moneybookers, googlecheckout, & a host of toher paypal alternatives. I wish it had alertpay, but it has everything else. Very nicely down and well thought out extension.

I dont write reviews unless the coder deserves it by going above and beyond and the admin at joombah jobs deserves all of our support as they actually know what the public wants in a product.

Thank you admin I truly appreciated your time, help and product. Your competitors dont stand a chance as long as your around.


I couldn't be more pleased!!!

Posted on 26 March 2011
Usually when you download a program your on your own to figure it out or you have to spend hours and days on a forum getting help from less then expectable sources.

THAT IS NOT THE CASE WITH EASY BLOG. I purchased this 2 days ago and I already have it installed with all the settings configured the way I want them. It was super easy to install just click the mouse button and let it do its thing.

I had one minor issue and that was because of the Joomla template theme I am using was displaying a word button link for Easy Blog that I did not want. I posted on the forums and EasyBlog Support/Staff got right on issue. Not only did they walk me through on how to fix it they also offered to fix it for me.

That goes a long way with me. I actually felt Easy Blog Staff appreciated my business, & that is very rare nowadays.

Thank you very much EasyBlog Staff you are top notch in my book and alot of other companies and coders could learn from you.

In Mid April 2011 there is a new version scheduled to come out with tons of extra intergrations like.... LinkedIn, facebook share, advanced SEO options, Advanced admin monetization options & many more.

If your looking for a powerful user friendly blog look no further EasyBlog is the front runner hands down.
Owner's reply: Thank you very much! You just made my day more awesome! :)
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