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Works but don't know why it's needed

Posted on 25 February 2012
I'm hesitant to knock a free program, especially one that works. But all it seems to do is provide a module that links to a specific message you must enter from the back-end. No customization for each message. And on the front end, you manually enter an email address. No mailing list is kept, so not for use in sending batch emails as acymailing does.
Owner's reply: For now, it is only a simple module for sending custom email with attachment, with no database interaction ... but when the time comes, there will be upgreades.

Sweet Extension - solves many problems

Posted on 13 February 2012
This module is VERY NICE! Using Joomla 2.51. From a module in a positon, it pops up with professional looking login or register, and has option to remember password. Shows link if you lost username or password. Even better, after login, it shows the user’s name (so they know they’re logged in). And to log out, on same module there is a button to log out. Slick. I use it with Awo Email Login (latest 1.7), so email OR username (or user if you choose) can use their email to log in. Nice package, and free. THANKS!

Excellent-Nobrainer. Why not part of Joomla?

Posted on 18 December 2011
This worked GREAT, and very intuitive. Worked first time, and I was impressed that message at the top of screen showing the site when it was locked could be edited with the standard TinyJCE editor, to make it look nice -- and I assume link to an alternate site if need by.

I ran into the exact problem SiteLock solvers - requiring the client to enter the BACKEND of the site as a SuperAdmin to see the shopping cart and layout. Since they were Administrators they saw all the extra editor stuff, making them very confused. And I had to get into a big Front End / Back end explanation. I don't understand why this is not a standard component of J 1.7, but THANKS FOR WRITING IT!!

Solved big problem by showing username

Posted on 03 December 2011
This is exactly what I needed, simply being able to insert user, username, etc. On my site I give users a temporary password, and ask them to change it after they log in for the first time. Users can log in with email which works nice because it's fed to them on emails and newsletter, but to change password they need their username. Yes, they can ask the login module to send it to them, but thats an extra pain. I'd also like to put in comments like Welcome, [user]. This plug in actives code for {mgetsysuid} - User ID, {mgetsysuser} - User Name, {mgetsysuname} - Users Name, {mgetsysueml} - Users email. Lots of flexibility. My problem is solved. THANKS for this simple but vital module.


Posted on 27 March 2011
I registered just to give my kudos to this extension. I use it on a gardening and church site, and everyone is so impressed that we can share our book and video libraries, and even keep track of when we loan them out. Now THATS a useful application. Now, please port it to Joomla 1.6! Thanks for a great job.
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