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a joke anti-spammer

Posted on 21 June 2012
this module have a very nice view at the first, but when i decided to use it, just one minutes after enabling it, i received 4 spam emails, while i had a great looking numerical spam filter on my contact form!!

i think the your anti-spam filter must not being called humanity recognizer, because it's just humanity disturber !!

missed virtuemart checkout relation

Posted on 10 January 2012
i couldn't find a way to return the failed payment order to the virtuemart card and regular virtuemart checkout process, even at your demo... i think i just saw a donation module, if the customer pays their failed orders with donation their order wont be confirmed, and this is not good, maybe shopper doesn't realize that order is paid by a donation.
Owner's reply: Hi,
I guess there is a miss understanding on the module target.
When a customer checks out, he may eventually confirm the order but will not complete PayPal payment.
From now on, customer has an order with 'Pending' status.

The module will simply list all user's pending orders.

By accessing this pending orders (order detail from core Virtuemart), customer can eventually finalize his order again depending on the Payment processor you use but this part is not impacted by the module.

auto logging out

Posted on 14 May 2011
i have installed it, it logs in to my email successfully, but after afew seconds suddenly logs me out of mail, and returns me to the login page again, i have unchecked the ip checking option in configuration page, but the issue still remains, what is the problem here?
Owner's reply: Hi meysam66

The issue should be that your session is encrypted by suhosin, and your server should have a php.ini setting in the webmail folder to turn it off. This is not a bug, it is a server setting issue, please send a ticket to and we will tell you how to add the php setting. Once that is changed, the issue will be resolved.

Hope this helps. :)
OSE Team

template compatibility

Posted on 17 April 2011
does it work only with jxtc templates?

i installed it on my ja mesolite template, but it doesnot work, just apears the madule title but doessnot show product images... but when i install it on jxtc teqmart template it works properly. what's the problem here? what should i do to solve this issue?
Owner's reply: There should be no issue as you can see in a fresh install of Joomla with the default milky way it works fine as seen here

Please submit a support ticket if you need help. The module position your using may not be wide enough or some other issue.
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