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I rarely write reviews - but this is 100% the best CCK for J!

Posted on 03 January 2015
Many content types all highly configurable, with relations, full audit trail, tags, comparisons. Too much to list here - Pls check the site
Ease of use
Cobalt its plugins and modules install as 1 pkg. Integrates well with other J exts. All configs via good back end screens. no xml files!
First class: Developer is dedicated, responsive and available on the Forums - which are great community of knowledgeable users quick to help
Mintjoomla have made it as easy as poss to get up to speed with good videos and docs. If stuck just ask on the forums - even for free users!
Value for money
I used this to: 'Directories' - classifieds, jobs, motors, real estate listings with maps. Blogs (there's a great template inc), Photo Galleries etc. If any -ve its the options are a bit bewildering at first, but anything so configurable is going to be a bit complex - rtfm first, then ask = easy
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