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I made the right choice!

Posted on 23 August 2013
Totally happy with my acquisition!

I had some issue, and some customizations had to be made to fit my needs, but the support that I had regarding this was ultrafast and efficient as can be... So, I can't ask for more.

I highly recommend their extension, but even more their services.

Great extension and service!

Posted on 12 May 2011
I registered for the professional version and didn't regret it! It was easy to create the form I needed and saved me time. I had a problem: a conflict between jQuery and Mootools, wasn't a BreezingForms problem but it was created by the blending of a couple of extensions, but I wanted to tell that in my review because after searching for a couple of days on many forums, the support team of BreezingForms helped me and found a solution very quickly and efficiently. Thank you!
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