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Excellent Job

Posted on 23 February 2012
I was tired with phoca component early, because i was interested in slide show and not photo display individually as displayed in the phoca website. but later i realised there is a plugin also to display the slide show. and finally it worked on first installation itself. My requirement was id wise display of set of images per article and this plugin rocks. Installation is seamless for a noob. no settings need to be done actually. I was shocked to see the plugin in action. It is simple though powerfull and solves my purpose. Cheers to the team ! Keep it up ! Good Work !

Excellent ! Awesome Work ! 5 Stars from me

Posted on 20 November 2010
I just installed plugin, activated it ! and Put the redirect URL. The plugin was immediately on the go ! Good Job Professionals. It is very nice of you.

Yes ! On the Go !

Posted on 19 November 2010
I have reviewed. It is great ! I just enabled plugin and put the code thats it ! I was able to see the tracking code at the end of the page. I really do not know where it should be in the page.

Uptil here it is good. I need to check the results in my google analytics account. It will take time ! till now good :)


Simply Great !

Posted on 18 November 2010
I needed a very simple contact form with captcha, it works on the go. no settings needed, except changing some default values to suit my taste !

This is simply great. 5 Stars from me ! Very intelligent people. The component and module facilities speaks by itself.

It is Great Great Great ! No Words to say anymore !

Posted on 12 October 2010
If there was an rating above excellent here, I would have given it. You really have the metal professionals. You Rock and Roll. May god bless you all ! Keep it up, Excellent work I had ever seen. Installation is just a click of button and divert to your image folder and activate module, thats all and you are on the go. Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! and Thank You !


Best Extension Seen so Far ! Great Support

Posted on 30 October 2009
I received prompt reply. Peoples are genius. Initially I struggled a lot due to documents which cannot be understood (which can be reloaded, reviewed for change) when I contacted the admin, they helped at their farthest possible extent. Very co-operative. Best Module I have seen so far in accordion, and that too free ! Great Looks ! I don't have any words to describe it further. They just rock !

This is the best I had ever seen for joomla 1.5 till todays date ! Good work Team ! Cheers ! It should be the part of core joomla.

Posted on 22 April 2009
Well. I was struggling for a couple of days to get a proper internal linking structure. I never wanted to created a menu link, but I just needed to publish a page and then link it internally, I had tremendous internal links and the tinymce or JCE is useless. JCE is worthwhile but if you want SEF url's then it will drain the juice. This title link plugin was just a fly, It did miracle, I was able to link to the content item in seconds by just a single command of {ln:} I was further surprised to see that my SEF url was seen when i put a mouse over the link !!! That was the best !!! It should be the core !! I will be the first person to vote for the core for this plugin !!

Enjoy Team !! Excellent Excellent work !! If I had more words to appreciate it I would have given it !! Keep it up and Up and UUP @ :)
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