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Good but not for me

Posted on 26 February 2013
The idea behind this extension is great, however its implementation is not too good because it relies in JavaScript to prevent visitors from access the site without agreeing the terms, so it's pretty easy to bypass it.

Certainly this is not a big-deal in many websites, but for mine it is, because visitor are expected to have a higher level of tech skill.
Owner's reply: Thank you for your review . You are absolutely right, we use jQuery (a JavaScript) library for the purpose.

This is Website Disclaimer Popup where you can show some disclaimers or policies before viewing the website.
We don't understand what you mean by pretty easy to bypass.
Why will somebody try to bypass to visit the website if there is already an agree button ?

If he/she agrees then a cookie get stored in the browser and the popup won't appear again .
This is not a security extension which protects your content. It is just a disclaimer/policy popup

Please contact us so that we can clarify regarding your thoughts and requirement with the extension.

Great Module

Posted on 11 June 2011
I have been using ArtCats for two weeks; Installation went great, no problems at all installing or using this great module.
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