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Posted on 15 April 2014
I'm a big fan of this extension. Too often extensions try to be overly complicated and code heavy. Not to mention my personal pet peeve, containing their own css that I have to override. This extension simply works, it's clean and I don't need css overrides to make it look like it belongs on my site!


Posted on 18 August 2013
What's not to like, it installs cleanly and just works! One particular feature I like, is that it displays comments on the bottom of every page of a multi-page article. I had been using SP comments, which would only display comments on the last page of a multi-page article. Nice touch!


Posted on 12 August 2013
Great little module. I wanted a module that would display a random article's intro image and then link to that article. This module accomplishes that perfectly.

One minor, and this is seriously minor, improvement I would recommend. Add an alignment option for the image. By default the image is aligned left. I worked out a little hack in the article.php file, to do just this:

On line 94, right after "" add the following little html snippet "". Worked like a charm for me.



Good, but not for me

Posted on 07 August 2013
First off, I like K2 as a Joomla extension. BUT, In my opinion, the trade-offs don't overcome the benefits. I'll admit I'm no high level developer or admin, but in my mind, K2 really doesn't add that much to Joomla. Back in the J! 1.X days, when you only had two layers of categories to work with K2 was a huge improvement. But these days, without that limitation in J! core, I don't see the big advantage to using it. Now, the disadvantage is that you lose the ability to integrate with a lot of extensions. By this, I mean that pretty much any extension will work with J! core articles, but they're hit or miss on whether they'll work with K2. So for me, the tradeoff isn't worth it. Other drawbacks include the performance hit you'll take by running another program within Joomla and the hassle of dealing with another stylesheet.

Outstanding out of the box implementation!

Posted on 04 August 2013
I have to admit, I'm bad about writing reviews, even when I like an extension, but this one made me do it! Within 5 minutes of downloading, I had it installed and running. After about 20 minutes more of *easy* tweaking, it was running exactly as I wanted. Way to go.

Great Extension - Hats off!

Posted on 03 June 2011
This is the exact type of component that makes Joomla great. By that, I mean, it installs clean, looks clean and works clean. IMHO, too many components try to get overly complicated. While not too simple Flexicontact does exactly what it says it will do. Although free, consider sending Les a few $$, I mean, you're already getting Joomla for free, lets support great developer's like him! One suggestion, and really only my opinion, but move the options currently in the menu configuration (to email,, # of captcha images, etc) to the component configuration. It took me a couple minutes to figure out, but thats probably because I'm not that bright.
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Akeeba Backup

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Akeeba Backup Core is the most widely used open-source backup component for the Joomla! CMS. Its mission is simple: create a site backup that can be restored on any Joomla!-capable server, making it ideal not only for backups but also for site transfers or even deploying sites to your clients' servers. Akeeba Backup creates a full backup of your site in a single archive. The archive contains all t...
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