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Excellent Gallery Component

Posted on 06 June 2011
SPGM Gallery is the ideal Joomla 1.6 Non-Commercial Gallery Component. Quick and easy to install and use. Excellent, simple-to-use interface and good display options. Easy to customise. I added this to a website I've created for a band as I needed something that I could train them to update themselves and SPGM Gallery was perfect for non-techy users.

My favourite aspect of the SPGM Gallery extension for Joomla 1.6 is the 'thumbnail generator'. I'm able to quickly upload images into the directory via FTP then login to the admin panel and selec 'generate thumbnails'. A very, very, very useful and time-saving option.

I would thoroughly recommend SPGM Gallery to anyone looking for a quick, reliable and dependable image gallery. It has accessible code and I'm surprised so much is offered under a non-commercial licence.

A great job to the whole team and thanks so much for all your hard work - it certainly shows!
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