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It just rocks

Posted on 16 June 2011
Wow, I just got Ohanah few weeks ago and now here the surprise: an awesome Mailchimp integration for my events! I was just looking for something that could automate the process to inform and send newsletters before, during and after the events to my attendees.

The extension is as simple to you that I didn't have to mess with thousands settings, just install it, insert my Mailchimp API key and now whenever I create a new event I can attach it to a separate Mailchimp mailing list.

Those guys are so quick and their development is unbelievably fast, every week a release and now they find the time to also start releasing add-ons for free for the price of the extension, what could I say, thanks Beyounic, thanks Ohanah again, you made my day!

highly recommended

Posted on 06 June 2011
What can I say, I bought this app for Joomla as i was looking for the best way to display events on my site and I couldn't be more happy to have chosen Ohanah. The extension is not feature blown, but the features that are there are really well thought of and made my life so much easier.

Occasionally I had few small questions but their support system and team was amazingly quick and helpful.

I got this when they just released it about a month ago, and is such a delight to see that every week they release regularly a new improved version that I just receive in my email inbox ready to be installed, awesome job guys. I wish all the extensions’ developers out there follow the way this guys work: agile, quick and fast release. If you keep rolling things out like that, you'll probably get Eventbrite knocking on your door soon ;)

There is no frontend submission yet nor ticketing -payment capability, but looking from their roadmap it won’t take much until this will be covered.

This extension is based on Nooku framework, and from looking around seems to me that this is one of the first extensions adopting this technology, so thanks Nooku and thank Beyounic to bring this new breed of people, mind, product, code and style to work into Joomla world!
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