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Once again

Posted on 08 October 2012

I got in contact with this form extension on a client's site. I would never recommend it but he said he has paid for it. After one day of frustration he had to admit that we need another extension.

This frustration has burned so into me that I come back to write about a second time.

This extension is / was:

- not mature

- very difficult adaptable in the view

- much harder and difficult in adapting functionality

- not intuitive ( not one of my main reasons )

If you enjoy throwing mouse pads and crashing keyboards out of frustration this is the right choice.

Very nice

Posted on 30 March 2012
Really a good, small and easy accordion module.

Keep up the good work.

Nice extension

Posted on 07 February 2012
This extension is good but not perfect.

The only reason I rate this as good is that it took a while to get behind of all.

A better documentation would be nice.

Keep up the great work!

Must be overhauled

Posted on 14 December 2011

Works stable.

Many extensions for VM

Can be well adapted.


Still Joomla 1.5

Source code is a mess.

Confusing administration


Posted on 14 December 2011
This is a module and modules should be very careful in including resources such as frameworks.

This module does include the complete dojo framework without checking if it is already included. I was using a template which uses dojo. I spent about 5 hours to find out what breaks my site.
Owner's reply: We fixed module. Please download new version

Important as air and water

Posted on 14 December 2011
The most important Joomla extension ever.

Nobody develops websites on the real domain.

Every professional does have a local environment and migrate to the real domain.

This is the point where akeeba is irreplaceable.
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