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Joomla 3 compatible version

Posted on 06 July 2013


I installed Admiror Gallery on my website I'm building and it has been perfect. But, I've had to start my website over and decided to go with the latest (and recommended) version of Joomla. Will you be releasing a J3 version?

Love the extension and dread the thought of changing to something else.


Simple Image Holder

Great extension

Posted on 10 April 2013

Great module, after spending several days of trying to get various image galleries to display a category page the way I want I experimented with SIH.

Worked great and looks (and functions) better than anything I've come across.

I've now used it in other areas of my site as well, such as banner ads etc.

For what I was trying to do, it would be great if you could have multiple images such as being able to select # of rows and # of columns to set up a page of images. I got it display in this way by using multiple (literally dozens) of copies of the module, but being able to insert multiple images in the one module would be great.

Thanks for a great extension all the same. Fantastic!

Owner's reply: Thank you for your nice words. for multiple images, please look at my other module, multi image holder

All Video Share


Posted on 27 March 2013

I tried several of the main (and highly rated) video extensions before I gave this one a go.

This one is by far the best one I have used. The support is very fast and almost every customization I wanted to do was quick and easy with a few tips from the support forum.

A few additional customizing options would be good in the back end rather than editing the css though.

Ignite Gallery

Ignite Gallery

Paid download | Galleries | Matt Thomson
215 reviews
Ignite Gallery is a full featured gallery with flexible options so you can create the gallery layout you want. Choose the demo link to see the galleries features in action. ★Features ✔Categories/Subcategories ✔Mobile friendly with swipe and responsive grid layouts ✔Embed video or sound from hosting sites like youtube/vimeo/soundcloud etc ✔Frontend gallery creation ✔Multiple image uploader with resize before upload ✔Image tagging and search ✔Watermarking of images ✔Top/ bottom/ left or right position for thumbs ✔Top/ bottom/ left/ right /overlay position for image descriptions ✔Lazyloading of images ✔Social sharing buttons ✔Download image button ✔Image commenting using Facebook comments or Jcomments ✔Image ratings ✔Optional plugin and module to place galleries into articles and module positions ✔Random/ Latest/ Most Viewed/ Highest rated galleries ✔Disable right click and save ✔Search engine friendly urls
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Simple Image Holder

Simple Image Holder

Free | Images | Omar Muhammad
95 reviews
Simple Image Holder is a simple module that was made to help you easily put images (jpg, png, gif, etc..) or flash files (swf) in any module position in your joomla! site. its highly customizable, XHTML compliant, and totally free! you can use it to put your site logo, banners, announcements advertisements, flash mp3players, flash games, etc... Features (latest version) for all media types: * simply place any image type (jpg, gif, png, ..etc) or any flash file (swf) in any module position on your site. * you can change the size (width and height) of the (image/flash) to fit your need. * you can choose to publish and unpublish the (image/flash) according to dates: (a specific date, a monthly date, a yearly date, ..etc). * you can align the held object (image/flash) to center, left, or right. * you can add text above and/or below the held object (image/flash). for images: * you can link the image to a URL address. * you can change the opacity of the image. * you can add a (mouse over) opacity to the image. for flash files: * you can enable or disable flash looping after the flash finishes playing. * you can choose the flash's quality: (Low, Medium, High, Best, Auto Low, Auto High). * you can choose the flash's display type: (Window, Opaque, Transparent). any suggestions are welcomed..
2J Gallery

2J Gallery

Paid download | Galleries | 2JoomlaNet
39 reviews
2J Gallery it’s the one of the most effective and attractive ways to organize your images gallery on Joomla! website. You have here all necessary tools for creation of the gallery, upload images and customization of the front end interface of the gallery. 2J Gallery front end interface is CSS3 based what is most important it’s highly customizable. 2J Gallery have 8 per-configured themes with 4 different animation on Hover effects and 6 light boxes. It’s possible to insert multiply copies of the gallery at the same page and every gallery could have own settings. No limits for amount of uploaded images to the gallery and amount of the gallery instances per page. You can insert gallery as module, direct link to the 2J Gallery component or insert it to the article using plugin tags. For gallery plugin tags generation we have implement wizard where you just need to select gallery instance and it’s generate and insert tags to the article automatically. For uploading images to the gallery implemented set of the simple and very powerful tools. Joomla! administrator can upload set of the images to the gallery using batch upload function or upload images from server directory with scan directory function. If you don't need to upload big sets of images you can upload few images one by one in 2J Gallery resources manager. Installation and configuration of the gallery is really simple you don't need any special skills everything build in Joomla! native style. AJAX Gallery (No Flash here!); Batch gallery images uploading; Upload gallery images from server directory (scan directory option); Auto-resizing of the gallery thumbnails and images ; Resizing crop function; Fluid or Fixed gallery width (acceptable values px, % or Auto); No Limits for amount of images in photo gallery; No Limits for amount of photo galleries per page; Mobile devices support; 6 light boxes, 4 animation OnHover effects Compatible with IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome; All gallery themes are CSS3 based; Ability to insert gallery to the article with plugin tag; 8 per-configured gallery styles; Support Videos in popup; Support Google Maps in popup; Floatable gallery front end interface elements; All themes from the gallery demos pre-configured in installer; Order by option for custom ordering of the images in gallery (order by joomla native ordering, name, random, id); Auto-resizing for gallery thumbnails and gallery images (possible to specify size of the gallery images smaller then original gallery image size); As additional option for gallery resizing functionality possible to specify alignment of gallery re-sized images (namely align to the left, right, top, bottom or center re-sized gallery image according to original image); All gallery settings in one place; Advanced gallery caching options; Ability to customize gallery images remove process (with or without physical removing of the gallery images files from server directory); Gallery implemented in native Joomla! way using native classes, structures, models, controllers; Advanced gallery preview options in admin backend (for uploaded gallery images); Gallery implemented to avoid AJAX libs conflicts; =========== Version 1.0.4 released =========== Gallery Pagination function: - 4 themes for pagination buttons; - 2 postions for the buttons; - Customizable button labels; - Customizable buttons layout; Customizable gallery lightbox navigation labels; New content type for the lightbox: - Description of the gallery image with HTML; - Page loaded by direct link;
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