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Paypal Download is AWESOME

Posted on 19 March 2012
When it comes to taking people’s money for digital products and wanting to ensure their experience is as smooth as possible I wanted to make sure I used the right tool for the right job. I researched this extension and saw only rave reviews. I emailed the developer on several occasions prior to buying and got great response. I took the plunge and bought Paypal Downloads. I scanned through the documentation quickly and had it set up in minutes. It was very easy and it works great. I had a few questions relating to usage, and before I emailed the developer I poked around and found the answers myself… very easy to use.

Features I’d like to see in the future (making an awesome product even more awesome)

The ability to “Add to Cart” vs. just “Buy now”.

Export transaction list to CSV from the backend UI.

Once these features are added Joomla will need to allow a "Super-Excellent! "6 star rating to rate this product properly.

Looks great. Feature rich. Great support. Must Have!

Posted on 11 June 2011
I"ve used ImageShow Pro for about 2 years and seen with each version feature after feature get added or improved.

I tried the trail lversion for a few weeks and went pro (developers license) right away and use it for my client sites. The support you get is fantastic. I also purchased the pro developers licesnes of their jsn Epic and Dome templates. Image show with those templates... AWESOME combo.

With much flexibility and many features comes documentation. Guess what. The documentation is awesome too. And if you are too lazy to read it (as we all are from time to time) did I mention awesome support :). I've used Joomlashine products for al my professional web projects and its paid off. Image Show Pro... Get this!
Owner's reply: Thank you for your review. As you can see, we don’t have many extensions. We focus our efforts of product quality and customer support.

Thanks again for the review.
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