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No title, NO tree display for import item , Not Migration friendly

Posted on 13 June 2011
I want give a low rating for this component 1.6 version, however, this was a personal experiences. If your site is new , you would not experiences the following.

My major unhappiness : No title/subjects , not support display in “tree”(childe and thread function in JAC)if you import from 3rd component , not migration friendly, support slow …..

1 No titles & NO tree display for import item

JA comments was not the most popular comment component, so when webmaster turn to JA comments, the comment title submitted by in other component will lose. What is more , I found without titles, the comments in the same threads , or called child comments in JA , could not display right in JA. The reader may not be given the relations of those comments. Some time, the debate / argument build by these relations was the most attractive part.

2 Not Migration friendly

JA comments was the only few comment component in the market. When I upgraded my joomla site , it did showed those comments in Jcomment in its import function , however, when I press the import button, it failed and told me 0 item was imported . I could not found any document on this issue.

3 support ?

T_T, I buy a develop member ship for $499. I did not get a pro services. Import trouble from Jcomment? Ok, you should turn to Jcomments. ………. At least , I thought they should provide a little info on this issue so that the client could figure it out themselves.

I paid the membership for I thought my visitor`s comments worth that price. However, JA failed me.
Owner's reply: We are sorry, you seem to have had a difficult time. However, as i see JA Comment for J 1.6 is very active project with 38 fixes in the svn in these 13 days alone. We are still fixing the reported bugs.

Last update for J 1.6 version was 3 months back and has not been updated for the J 1.6.2 and J 1.6.3 versions. If you would check the J 1.6.2 changelog, you can see its a major release and has broken the then working version of the JA Comment 1.6 . You dont need to pay 499 $ for the extension alone please, its just 40-50$ only all backed by 7 days refund no question asked.

We have just released major updates for Joomla 1.6 for all the templates and some extensions, you may check the same on the update page of our site, It has taken up lot of time and we apologize for the same. You are welcome to ask for refund or further help, customer satisfaction is very important for us, thats the reason we are the only one who offer money back for electronic goods, no questions asked.
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