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Awesome product and service

Posted on 23 January 2015
Very full-featured blogging component. Easily as good as Wordpress.
Ease of use
Twice I've had questions/needed support and both times the response was practically immediate. Excellent support.
Value for money
Of course I prefer free extensions :) but this one is well worth the fee.

Excellent product, exceptional support

Posted on 21 November 2012
This product works beautifully and I'm blown away by the support provided by Andrey. I had a couple of questions and each time he responded to me within a matter of hours, always providing exactly what I needed.

One thing that might help others in setting it up that wasn't intuitively obvious: for each Filter type that you want to display, you have to choose a corresponding option in the Select Extra field box. For example, my first Filter type is "Category multiple select." In the Select Extra field box, I chose "Not extra field 1" because there is no extra field associated with Category. Once I figured that out, my filters displayed correctly on the front end.

Excellent component, amazing support

Posted on 26 August 2011
Just had to take a minute out of a busy day to remark on the amazing support offered by Geraint. I'm working on my first JEvents install and it's for a large client with very specific wants & needs. I've been firing off the support tickets, and each time without fail I have received a response within less than one day. It has definitely exceeded my expectations. I'm also thrilled with the component itself, which offers more options and flexibility than other Joomla event management tools I've used.

Speedy customer service

Posted on 13 June 2011
Really impressive customer service. I sent a question through their online support form this afternoon and within a couple hours I had heard back from them and my issue was resolved. There were several back & forth emails in the process, each one answered very promptly. Far exceeded my expectations, even for a commercial extension.
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