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Community Builder is the top composant in his category

Posted on 13 September 2018
A lot of functionality, very useful and a very good support
Ease of use
Very easy to use, installation simple and, after read a little documentation, you can enjoy !
Value for money

Excellent support

Posted on 01 September 2016
Many features with multiple configurations
I think the best component on the subject!
Ease of use
relatively simple to use, but also very configurable
Super monitoring, assistance and fast responses!
really congratulations!
Value for money
Well worth the money

Very Excellent !!!

Posted on 30 January 2013
I am impressed by the work provides for this component!

Not only it helps to have a site multivendor clearly and very effective, but it also brings management frontend shop!

All very efficient and very professional!

In addition, the team HikaShop is still responsive to any questions and always finds the best solution to help us: BRAVO!

To take again if you need ...

very very good component

Posted on 25 April 2012
A great component, very well done!

Also, something very very fast and very nice!

For your translations of sites is Falang!

Simply the best !!!

Posted on 29 December 2011
AcyMailing expressed those rare components that are in extremely well done from the beginning.

In addition, it gets better with time: constantly new features, new ideas ...

To be taken without hesitation ... and to recommend a great pleasure!

Yeah also: support to the top!


Very very good component

Posted on 22 December 2011
really a great component!

At the same time very powerful, simple, it allows for very fine form


Great composant and very Good support !

Posted on 04 November 2011
Really a great component!

And above all support very responsive and very competent!

Thank you and congratulations!

Simply the best !

Posted on 14 June 2011
For me, hikashop is simply the best application e-shop!

Quick, easy to use and very effective it allows a very professional shop with a very well thought out marketing aspect.

In addition, hikashop progressing quickly, with support at the top and very very responsive!

Do not hesitate, especially since the free version gives the essentials and other versions of the tools we give very interesting.

BRAVO hikashop and very long life ...
Community Builder

Community Builder

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Community Builder (CB) is an extremely flexible and robust social networking solution for Joomla. CB has a huge user base, a long history and a great future. Social websites go far beyond Facebook look-alikes and CB has literally hundreds of built-in features and can be extended with extra (free or commercial) add-ons from the CB Team and other parties that will help you realize your very own -...
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