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Works well, but originally designed by Jason Jaeger

Posted on 22 July 2011
Having been unsatisfied with the suckerfish menu modules available at the time, I used Jason Jaeger's MenuMatic ( on another Joomla-based site I built. Since I found it so helpful and easy to use with Joomla 1.6, I posted the info on the community board. A few weeks later this module appeared.

Basically everything is ripped from the above website (including the code, all the default settings, the credits given in the description and some images on the demo site).

That said, the author of the module did a great job turning it into a module. Though most basic settings (such as colour and roundness of corners) still have to be done with css, the module is also highly configurable from the backend (configuring effects etc.).

I'm mostly commenting to give credit to Jason, but I have to say the author did add a fair bit in terms of usability and integration with Joomla.

All in all, great module.

Related links not reciprocal

Posted on 25 June 2011

Easy to install/configure

Highly configurable with useful options


Related links were not reciprocal. Article 1 would have a related link to article 2 but not vice-versa. Went to support, issue was not resolved. Quick reply suggested it was a template issue, last post has not been responded to (11 days old).

Tooltip option looked cool, couldn't get it to work properly, not valuable enough for me to go to support about it.


Module is still on my site because despite it's major flaw, it is still better than the core option.

If this issue could have been resolved this review would have been 5 stars.
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