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Posted on 25 December 2015
It works well - like Joomfish did and so useful if that is what you are used to and need to move up from.
Ease of use
Installing - you need to make sure you have read all the instructions carefully but the support is good and helpful if you find you need it.
Prompt and very helpful.
There is some documentation but it could be better. Once you are used to this app it is easy to use.
Value for money
It works and the support is very good so worth paying for if this functionality is what you need.
I used this to: A two language site - have been using it for about 2 years now - any problems have always been fixed in double quick time by the author.


Posted on 02 August 2013
I have used this extension for over a year now and it is excellent. Even better is the support from the authors of thie extension - nothing short of amazing!

Excellent tool and wonderful support

Posted on 23 March 2013
This module can do everything we asked it to do - and there is much more available that we have not asked it to do yet!

The support is ultra-quick and very helpful, from the helpless newbie to things that are possibly not a problemm with this tool but due to clashes with other tools etc - help has always been very quick and has solved every problem so far.
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