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Good plugin!

Posted on 17 July 2013
It works perfectly. Only, I found it quite hard to find the .ini-file in order to translate the plugin. I wonder why it is placed in the admin-language folder.

Maybe the developer should write a note in the documentation ...



Very good!

Posted on 16 July 2013
It seems to be a very good component to me. Unfortunately it doesn't fit my needs because I'm looking for a component which also writes the keywords into the database, so Joomla's related-items-plugin is able to compare them. If you only need it for SEO it is, of course, excellent.

So top of the cream would be the optional feature to let the component add the automatically generated keywords to the database.

It's okay

Posted on 10 June 2013
Well, the output-markup is quite bad (what am I supposed to do with all those -elements without classes?) and there are very few css-classes for custom layout but it works out okay. It's a useful enhancement on the Joomla standard weblinks component.

Good one

Posted on 05 June 2013
It is a very comfortable component, indeed! But why use an -Tag as a clear-element which has a height? Also the component's file structure doesn't look very compliant to Joomla-Standards ... so you have to hack the core for any changes (like changing the -tag). But it really saves a lot of time although I miss the CSS-fiddling a bit.

Really good!

Posted on 28 February 2013
Does most of the things you expect from a professional image gallery - but completely for free!

Just some suggestions: Top of the cream would be AJAX-editing, a more user friendly backend-design and maybe some default settings you can choose from or the possibility to save an own default setting (so your don't have to walk through all the tabs to change everything to reach your desired gallery-layout).

Okay, but several essential features missing

Posted on 12 December 2012
It seems like a good start for a new component coming up. But I think there are still several features missing. E.g. there is no function for recurring events, no way to customize the appearance of dates, no front-end editing, no access control, no way to duplicate events, no possibility for multiple-day-events, no administration for the calendar's templates and the html- and css-structure are quite clumsy (but that's the case with many J!-extensions). Yet, it is very simple to use. I think the mentioned aspects are essential for a good events-component, so I can only rate this one average.

PS: I find it astonishing that after more than one year with J!2.5 there's still no fully working and easy-to-use free events-component. I've never had any problems to find one for former Joomla-versions. What has happened?
Owner's reply: Hello!

Just award you that some features you say that are missing, are already in iCagenda !!! (duplicate event, dates format, multiple-day-events, possibilities of customising...)

Maybe you didn't have a look at the joomlic forum, with topics about the new features coming in version 1.3 (coming very very soon, in RC released first)

If you have trouble using iCagenda, please, post a new topic on joomlic help forum! Thanks!

iCagenda is young (3 months), FREE!, and in the weeks, and months to come, a lot of new features!

Regards, Lyr!C

Not for production use

Posted on 25 March 2012
It does show all the articles, yes. Even the ones which have been deleted and should not be shown at all. Furthermore the backend-administration is poorly programmed which makes it impossible to use properly.
Owner's reply: Hello Gwynplaine,
thank you very much for your reply. I don't know which version you are using, but on my testsystem deleted articles are not shown. In fact the query just fetches the published articles so I don't know why you're having this problem. Maybe you can give me a scenario when this happens?
Well I'm a beginner in 'Joomla-Programming' so what do you mean with the backend is poorly programmed? I almost just use the standard Joomla Core functionality. If you can give me any tips I would be happy to improve the functionality of the component.
So I'm looking forward for your answer :)

not much

Posted on 11 July 2011
Well, the extension does what is said in the description. It's not much but it's at least something. Therefore easy to use. There are no options concerning the way images are displayed - they open in the same window with their full size. In order to return to the article you have to use your browser navigation.

The registration process on the website is buggy, annoying and completely redundant.

I deinstalled the extension because it did not fit my needs. It did not make an extraordinarily good impression on me.

Instead I now use another free J!1.6-extension with far more options and no annoying registration.
Owner's reply: Appreciate the comments. We already take in consideration the registration issue and took action.
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