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Uptolike Share Buttons

Спасибо Дима! Всё работает на ура!

Posted on 16 November 2015

Плагин функционирует хорошо!

Ease of use

Интуитивно понятен даже младенцу!

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Uptolike Share Buttons

Uptolike Share Buttons

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What Can You Do With UpToLike Share Buttons? Create custom buttons that will visually appeal to users Easily manage social activity online Increase online engagement through Shares and Likes Attract new visitors from social networks Collect and analyze the social activity of users Adjust content strategy based on analytics UpToLike is a single interface from which you can manage the appearance and efficiency of social buttons on your site, as well as collect and analyze statistics on likes, shares, returns, new users, sources of social traffic, and more. Which social networks does UpToLike Share Buttons support? UpToLike is compatible with 25 popular social networking sites. It supports the following functions: Bookmark, Print, Email, Follow, etc. Unique Functions of UpToLike Share Buttons Customization of social buttons: 3 different shapes 6 sizes Hover effect (increase, clockwise rotation) 11 button styles Button background Text color Text size of the counter Social Media Following Automatic text selection: the system gives you the option to share a highlighted piece of text on a social network Gathering unique statistics of social media activity What statistics does UpToLike collect? Number of Likes and Shares on site during the selected period Number of users attracted because of Likes and Shares Separation of traffic on social networks Per-page site activity: how many Likes and Shares for each individual page, and how many new visitors came to each page
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