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WOW!! What a Pleasure!!

Posted on 21 May 2014
If after sales service could get a ten I would gladly give it! I bought the template version with the extension included and Dam went FAR over my expectations when I submitted a ticket enquiry!

The extension and template is great and the support is simply the best in the business! Pricing is really moderate compared to similar products. One of the big issues for me is that I did not have to buy extensions piecemeal as I found with some in the past, i.e. Google Maps as a separate product to be paid for.

Thanks Dam and your team. Great work and an excellent product. I can really recommend this!

Excellent Component!

Posted on 23 September 2013
After installing the component I had a front end issue which was sorted out by Dhileep quickly and professionally. The issue was on my side and not a problem related to the software. Documentation is also great and you would be wise to go through it before you start configuring the component on your site, especially if you are new to Joomla. I have tried several components on the classifieds side on this suits my needs perfectly.

Thank you for great service and it is a pleasure to work with professional people that knows their product this well. Keep up the great work.


Posted on 06 October 2012
I do not do reviews unless I have something good to say and mean it.This is a component with a learning curve. Having said that, the documentation is good and the training videos are great. The service I got is of outstanding quality and friendly as well. The reaction time was always within 24 hours, most of the time within 6 hours, which is the time difference between South Africa and AEC home.

I bought and tried similar components, but AEC is head and shoulders above them in my opinion.

Thank you very much to Jake and David as I built a multilingual site and you never hesitated to be of service.

As far as recommendations go, I will not even consider anything else at this point because it is a top quality product and the functionality is way beyond what most users would need. Great job AEC!

A MUST if you are going Auctions

Posted on 12 August 2012
I contacted Tim when doing a translation of his component after I bought it. I need to stress the I did several translations on major components in the last 2 months and I can state without any hesitation that this is the best service I got from ANY Joomla component provider. Not only did he get actively involved, he showed real interest. I must still test the component over time, but if this is the kind of service you get, it just sets a standard! I really appreciate the way in which he supports his product and the documentation is clear and instructive. Thank you Tim!
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