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Excellent product and great support

Posted on 22 February 2013
Lightweight, fast, packed with features and works great with K2.

The support was great too. I requested a certain feature and they sent me an updated version that had the feature within a day.

I love it

Posted on 21 August 2012
Does everything I need it to, it's super simple to install and it's straight forward to understand.



Posted on 08 May 2012
I've used this module on every single site I've built since discovering it. I love the way you can just create stuff using HTML and just put them anywhere in the site. It's very simple to use and if you're smart in the way you write your HTML you can practically put as many of these as you want in one page - with each one controlled by its own CSS.


Posted on 27 August 2011
I was looking for a nice menu that I could fully customize using its .css file without any complications or difficulty. I tried a lot of em before I came across this one and I must say I'm really impressed.
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