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Simple and Extensive Content System

Posted on 03 October 2018

We use this on all of our client sites as it provides a much more flexible content solution compared to the standard Joomla one

Ease of use

Very easy to use to get the basics sorted. To get a bit more technical with it requires a bit more time to work out but the support is great


Great support on the forum and via email. Even though it's a free component, the developers take time to respond to your requests and ideas.


There is extensive written tutorials and video on their website and external sites as well as a forum full of answers and gurus.

I used this to: All of our clients sites (over 100) which includes one site which is a news website so has hundreds of categories and thousands of articles which are added to each day. There is no other solution within Joomla that can compare to the flexibility that K2 offers

Reverse Auction Factory

Good Component, Great Support

Posted on 11 May 2017

The functionality is pretty good and it covers the essentials. There are some areas where we feel it could be developed further though

Ease of use

Reasonably easy to use. Creating some of the page overrides can be a bit tricky if you don't have some dev knowledge.


Outstanding support from the devs. Really quick to answer forum and tickets and provide fixes where required or offer customisation options.


Documentation is quite good and does cover a lot of information although I did find myself having to ask quite a few questions on the forum.

Value for money

As a starting point for a reverse auction site, it's pretty good value for money especially when the support is so good.

I used this to: A client uses this for a site that auctions off tasks to the lowest bidders

Cookie Monster

Excellent Plugin

Posted on 06 July 2012

An excellent easy to install and configure plugin. The only minor issue I would have with it is that you need to ensure that there aren't any other instances of jQuery being loaded but when I had some problems with this the support was superb. The support request was answered within 30 minutes and after providing access to the site, the dev investigated the problem and fixed it even though the fix had to be applied to template files rather than some of the plugin files. It's not often you find someone willing to go the extra mile like that!

Owner's reply: I really appreciate you taking the time to make a review and more importantly, for being concise with the support request.
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