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I would LOVE to know how so many people can give this mod a five star rating??!!

Posted on 01 October 2012
I would LOVE to know how so many people can give this mod a five star rating... it doesn't work... they claim that this mod is 'highly customizable' - but they forgot to mention that no where in your configuration - can you actually pick your article's or categories... matter of fact - there is no way to tell the module WHAT kind of content to actually display - just boxes of lorem ipsum... if you think i'm just making this stuff up - take a look at the thumb nails and tell me if you see anywhere that allows you to select what you are displaying.

unless i am completely missing something - other than the fact that so many of you actually gave this mod a '5', i would stay far away from this and look towards a more rewarding use of your time.

Still Searching

Posted on 01 October 2012
yet another front end news module that just doesnt work. Images don't display, just showing the alt tags on matter combination i try.. enough tooling about with this mod - my apologies - but try again.

Errors All Over

Posted on 30 September 2012
Sorry.. i have been testing numerous amount of article displays and this has errors all over the place. I'm sorry to give you a bad rating, and please don't think it's me - i'm quire familiar with joomla and these types of mods - this just had issues from step one and i had to remove.

I'm on J2.5 but i don't think that had anything to do with it.

Better luck in the future.

Top Notch

Posted on 28 September 2012
I just wanted to take a second and thank the developers for such a nicely done joomla component.

This component is very robust and solid with many customizable features for not only the front end, but for the backend as well.

It installed very easily, had no hiccups, no errors - everything worked perfectly right out of the box - just like you would hope.

I can't imagine another newsletter out there for joomla as good as this one.

Definitely worth my praise.

Thanks again for this - i absolutely love it!


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