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Don't waste your time!

Posted on 18 January 2012
For me, the module just didn't work. This normally isn't such a problem if there is a config manual or some type of help. I searched the forum and once I saw 3 or 4 people with the same problem and NO reply I decided to just try another. So I tried another that had the same features as this module. Worked perfectly off the bat and I am so glad I didn't spend my time trying to get a module with near to no support available to work.

In short try this one as your last resort.

Great Product, Great Service

Posted on 16 September 2011
Firstly may I say I don't usually write reviews, I use many many extensions in my time. This one has to be one at the top. Very comprehensive for what I needed and relatively easy to implement. Please don't assume that if you want to install a highly complicated form that any extension will just do it with a click. If you have that in mind you will not be disappointment.

I did have an issue with the component and was a little disappointment with the lack of a forum. BUT when I contacted the proform team they resolved my issue within the day, without any work on my half! Fantastic support given here so please don't be afraid to contact them for any problems as in my experience they were extremely helpful and very quick to respond.
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