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Developer or NOT - Cobalt is PERFECT

Posted on 10 April 2014
As my title says it all, even if you are not a developer but you want to design your own website, you can definitely do it!

Cobalt is a bit difficult to understand at the very early stage but after few trials and errors, you'll definitely built one of the best possible website with it.

Cobalt has lots of powerful features that offer you unlimited possibilities, just take Joomla + Cobalt makes possible to develop anything you desire.

I am not a developer but due to the financial status of our small company, I started to learn about Joomla so that I may try to develop our company website by myself without the need to hire a developer.

After few months, having tried mostly all other CCK extensions such as ZOO, Content Builder, FlexiContent among others, I decided to give Cobalt a try!

At the first look, I was really scared and even decided to left it aside and tried to find some other solutions, but I did not find any other.

So, I get back to Cobalt and decided to make some efforts to understand how it works and based on tutorials (video & tutorials), I was able to understand its main features and functionality and created our first website.

Today, I have developed 3 websites using Cobalt and all are just perfect, a golf community and advertising portal, a real estate website and a tour operator website, the 4th website is currently under development, all 4 websites for my own company and I did not pay a penny to any freelancer.

Sergey, the head of Cobalt development team is so wonderful, support is just perfect with basically instant (maybe a bit more) but definitely in less than 8 hours, all your support requests are answered.

Updates are done weekly, but in case of urgent bugs and issues, updates are available the same day, I have paid US$ 99 for the pro version of Cobalt and I am very happy about it, if I could, I would even pay much more as they really deserve it, with Cobalt I have saved thousands of dollars and why not encourage the development of this component by providing some financial support to its development team?

As soon as my websites are fully operational and I start to generate some income, I will definitely renew my subscription and even help the Cobalt community as much as possible during my free times.

Seems Good But Not Working

Posted on 05 December 2013
The idea of this plugin is just awesome as I think it is the only Joomla plugin offering such feature, however, I also confirm that the plugin does not work on Joomla 3.xx, I have installed it on my Joomla 3.2 website and nothing happens on the home page. Guess the developer of this plugin should review its compatibility to Joomla 3.x.

Awesome Extension & Support

Posted on 09 September 2013
First, I will advise all Joomla community users not to look further, if you are looking for the best core ecommerce solution for Joomla, do not look further.

Quick2Cart is the best ecommerce solution for both single and multi-vendor shopping cart needs, very nice and easy administration, support is awesome with instant reply through their ticket system, regular updates with new features, and much more important, it is the cheapest shopping cart available within Joomla community.

I am not only a user of Quick2Cart but many other extensions from Techjoomla, the Techjoomla team offers very nice extensions, they are very motivated and listen to developers needs.

To resume, Quick2Cart is just perfect and should full fill all required needs, we are even contributing to the development of Quick2Cart by adding some more features as per our own needs and will definitely continue to support the Techjoomla team as they deserve it and for me, they represent the real Joomla community spirit, which is, listen, develop, support and give entire satisfaction.

Awesome Support & Extension

Posted on 06 August 2013
Well, I do not exactly understand these bad reviews, I am also a subscriber to Event Booking since 2012 and till now, we got very good support and even features in Event Booking has improved quite much, more often with the release of the new version that also supports Bootstrap and is fully mobile friendly and as per Tuan (the developer) there are still more improvement and features to some in few days/weeks.

There are other event extensions with less features that cost quite much, Event Booking is fully compatible with Joomla 3.xx which is not the case of some other event extensions, development is working very hard and at the same time providing very good support, they event have a wishlist section in their support forum where we can submit request for new features and such requests are processed in a progressive manner based on priority, we cannot just expect developers to work exclusively for us when we are only paying a small subscription, we need to think that they need also to have a living and hence cannot satisfy everyone needs and wants simultaneously!

Event Booking has its default multi-language system which works straight-forward with the default Joomla multi-language structure and this is a very good thing for multi-language websites. Event Booking has also been developed to accept default Joomla content plugins, such as image gallery, video and much more.

Each extension needs it’s time to evolve and improve, and this is the case of Event Booking, everything needs a starting point but the only important thing is to see how things progress, there are extensions that are developed and left aside by the developers, better to have a commercial extension with continuous support and development rather than to have a non-commercial extension with no support and no progress at all!

To conclude this review, I will say an exceptional thanks to Tuan, we’ll be launching one of our main website by beginning of next week, we needed some missing features in Event Booking version 1.5.3 and these features were to be added in the new version 1.6, to help us to respect our launching deadlines, Tuan has work days and night to release the new version on time and today, the new version has already been installed on our website and totally functionable, thanks again Tuan and sincerely wish you all the best and we’ll remain our loyalty to your development.

The Missing Element in ZOO

Posted on 17 July 2013
This extension should be part of ZOO default elements and special thank to Raslab to have think about it and make it available to us.

As it is mention in the description, you can simply do any kind of form and just place it in whatever position of your ZOO template position.

As for us, we have been using this element to create hotel booking form, event booking form and real estate listing inquiry form with this element and all work fine as expected.

I will definitely recommend this element to all JED community users/developers who uses ZOO on their website as it is very powerful, simple and easy to create and manage forms, the support from Raslab as always is perfect, development of this element is continuous, always adding new features and correcting known bugs (if any) on a regular basis.

Thank you again for this very nice and powerful element Raslab, continue your hard work and be blessed for your kindness and loyalty to your customers.

Extension - Developer - Support - All Perfect

Posted on 17 July 2013
I am quite surprised that this extension has only one review! All developers and users who have should do it a must to provide a review for this ZOO element.

Raslab is doing a perfect job, not only in terms of development but also in terms of support, I will even say much more than this, he is really devoted to his development work and support.

JED has been developed as a strong community, with the main objective to help each other and not think about profitability or other selfish expectations.

Raslab is one of those developers who really have the spirit of JED community, for him, it is not the money aspect that encourages him to develop extensions and support his clients, but, his main objective is first of all that his clients are entirely satisfied both by his extensions and support.

I will never thank him enough for the support he provided to us for the completion of our website and also for developing such wonderful and powerful extensions, thank you Raslab for been here and sincerely wish you all the best among JED community, from our side, we'll continuously provide you our support as a loyal customer to your extensions.



Good but not compatible to Joomla 3.1

Posted on 05 June 2013
ZOO is a very good and very powerful CCK for Joomla, we can built mostly everything with ZOO, however, there is an important issue with ZOO for Joomla 3.1, this issue has been reported to ZOO support team for about a month and this issue has not yet been solved.
Owner's reply: This issue is fixed in the latest ZOO version.

Just Perfect

Posted on 22 January 2013
It is now two months since we are using MijoShop and so far, we are adding it to our three company websites for our own ecommerce needs and also we are offering multi-store features for our customers.

We can say that we are entirely satisfied with this extension and all its features, additionally, the support team, including Denis, Bilal and Nur are very friendly, they offer very quick support and provide assistance for any technical issue in a very short delay (even if there is any time difference).

Our first website will soon be operational and it is definitely thank to their team that we have been able to respect our deadlines and we'll definitely continue to support them so that they can continue the development. Thanks again guys.

Could It Be Better? NO - It Is Already The Best

Posted on 05 January 2013
When I started developing our first multi-language website using Joomla 2.5, we started using another language plugin, this initial has basically same functionality as Multilanguages CK but the only difference is that it used a shorter language tag, we guess that it would be better to use a shorter tag plugin to avoid wastage of space in fields.

However, when we translated more than 15 fields in Jomsocial to make it multi-language compatible, we noticed that, on the website frontpage, both language were shown, including the language tags!

So, we decided to move back to Multilanguages CK and make the same test, all fields were properly translated on the website frontend without any error :-)

Today, we are using Multilanguages CK on all our multi-language website to translate system fields and other small text that forms part of other components that cannot be translated with the default Joomla multi-language system and we are totally satisfied with it.

As for the review about title field limit for translation, honestly, Joomla already provides a multi-language interface for categories, articles and other Joomla default language strings, it is not necessary to use Multilanguages CK to translate things that can be translated in default by Joomla!!!

Honestly, it is not that I am judging this user, but, rating Multilanguages CK as Average or Fair simply because of such limitation is not 'fair' at all as this plugin merits a definite 5 stars and even much more as it does a very good work.

What could we expect more!!!

Posted on 18 September 2012
I would like to mention first that it is not the first extension that I purchased from but I am also using Invitex for about a year now.

This is mainly to mention about their support, they are an active team that always answer to queries within a maximum of 1 business day, which is normal support time frame for businesses, people looking for instant support on request are not 'normal' because everyone needs to have some rest at some time of the day!

It is now about a week that I decided to invest in the purchase of SocialAds for the development of our new restaurant guide website, as every extension, we need first to understand the main functionality of the extension, follow installation instructions, set-up all required features prior to get it running etc. If after following these steps, we still have some issues, then, we request support from the developer and I must say that till now, the support, as usual, was perfect.

Just a simple comment about the review that someone posted regarding SocialAds, about the fact that what happened if ad spaces remain blank? Well, as a website administrator, it is our role to maintain ad spaces, also, it is our role to make our website known to the general public to get visits on our website and make people interest to advertise on our website, if we do not have any visitor, of course, ad spaces will remain blank for life!

SocialAds provides us all necessary features to run a full advertising website, latest version even include video ads, which is more than perfect, to fill in blank ad spaces, we can simply create sample ads and place them in zones to give visitors an overview what and how they can advertise on the website.

Making the difference between a non-commercial and a commercial extension is so easy but been using Joomla for quite a long time now and exploring many available extensions, till now, none of the available 'free extensions' and even other commercial extensions can be compared to SocialAds since its features are unique.

The only issue we encounter with SocialAds is that here in Mauritius (our country), we do not have access to payment options (credit card) such as Paypal, 2Checkout etc. that are integrated with SocialAds, we inform the developer about it and they inform us that new payment plugins shall be available within the next 6 months, we can for the meantime use the integrated Jomsocial point system to make people purchase points through our shopping cart and update their points within their profile and use these points for their advertising needs.

We have been making a honest and loyal review to SocialAds, as we did for all other extensions that we have used so far and we definitely recommend SocialAds to other Joomla lovers as it definitely worth it and the minimum subscription fee asked by the developer is really the minimum they could asked for such a wonderful extension, thanks guys for your wonderful work.


By FLEXIcontent Project
Content Construction
FLEXIcontent is an advanced content management system developed to greatly enhance the native content managenent of Joomla! Powerful content types, that are meant to do a lot more, than merely group some custom fields Many highly parametrized powerful fields Drag-drop templating Multi-Category assignments (secondary & featured) High performance FACETED filtering !!! Author management with limita...


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AuthorLink Element for Zoo

AuthorLink Element for Zoo

By Attavus M.D.
Zoo extensions
The AuthorLink element displays a link to a user profile with an avatar. The following integration: AlphaUserPoints, EasySocial, JomSocial, Community Builder, Kunena, ZOO and Joomla. Configuration is easy. You can edit the display style in CSS. Features: 1. Select type of profile 2. Select display style: vertical, horizontal 3. The choice of display name or username 4. The choice of display avat...
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