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Skitter Pro Component

Posted on 04 November 2013
This is an outstanding component in every way. It is easy to understand and use. The easy execution of the component makes it an excellent choice when it is necessary to add slideshows on websites for our clients. The response of people viewing the sites has also been very positive with many expressing appreciation for the way in which images are displayed and the quality of the transitions employed. The author of the software is diligent in developing it and adding improvements, some of which are suggested by his clients. We are thrilled and delighted that the component version has been released, adding to the functionality of the software and increasing its usefulness in a variety of different websites. without any reservations at all I heartily recommend this component to all who are seeking a first-class, top quality slideshow component. It's the BEST on the web!

Outstanding Software!

Posted on 30 April 2012
I have used and enjoyed this software for sometime now. It does exactly what it says it is designed to do and executes extremely well. I had a minor problem with making a slideshow center on a page when it's width was less than the page. I had to create a table to make it work correctly. I heartily recommend this as the best software available for the job. Don't hesitate - get it today!
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