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Seems to have taken a turn in the wrong direction...

Posted on 08 May 2015
The latest version for Joomla 3 has the same functionality which is appreciated. It can't be used with Akeeba AdminTools admin password
Ease of use
Not nearly as easy to use as the previous version when it comes to getting a certain look. Images don't seem to work with the editor (JCE)
Value for money
I used this to: I would like to use this for it's intended purpose but it just seems to have been changed for the worse without rhyme or reason and little thought to how people will have to do major customization to have a look that doesn't completely clash with their own site.
Owner's reply: We have just released a new version (3.0.2) that you will definitely appreciate with lots of new features that the older versions did not have. Please check it out.
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