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Great looking, bad support

Posted on 06 March 2014
Bought this module because it looked great compared to others when i bought it it worked as advertised but they keep updating the module and there isn't even an email notification about or a place for clients to download updated versions, i just found out that the latest version works on mobile but unfortunately can't

review it since i send several emails to support including my purchase id info and my emails go unanswered for weeks, disappointed again.


Posted on 21 September 2011
This is my third review in 9 years of being a member, installed this component on 1,7 and had it running in 45 seconds flat.

This or something like it should be part of Joomla.

Well done and thanks you.

Note: to those confused ones, you need to ad the keywords not only on the menu but also on the metadata keywords box for the article you want to display on it.
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