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Does what it says

Posted on 12 April 2013
Really useful for quick content insertion. A button appears when creating a new article and that's it. Great.



Amazing, nearly perfect

Posted on 07 April 2013
This component basically lets you create any kind of contact form (any number and type of fields).

The only thing missing is the ability to add tooltips and the ability to show labels above fields automatically (natively they are next to each other)

4.5 stars


Posted on 07 April 2013
It's really good, simple to use, allows multiple polls and has cool effects. Maybe a bit over the top but it can't hurt :)



Nothing special on its own, half done

Posted on 07 April 2013
K2 is really nothing special on its own.

All it does is that it allows you to add extra fields to its own articles called items (which is something that should exist in joomla on its own, but no, they're more concerned about making a responsive back-end, like someone is gonna run their website from a mobile).

Now, when you couple that with a good filter for k2 and a related items filter, you get something.

But its also missing guest article submission with extra feilds (the one for reg users exists but sucks) that an admin could approve and it would appear in selected category.

All these things are simple and should be in Joomla core but they're not, which keeps joomla from being a great CMS.


Posted on 01 April 2013
Really useful.

Why are people whining about non-existent categories to choose from and no documentation?

It will load MODULES you select in tabs, as you can see in the module config.

Missing basic functions

Posted on 01 April 2013
Nearly perfect but:

1) You dont have the option to turn off auto-start

2) You can't have articles with and without images, if you set the option "images" to yes and in some article you don't have an image, a default one is will be displayed

Both these problems are kinda minor and can be overcome with a bit of hacking but still, it's ridiculous.

Pretty good

Posted on 27 March 2013
It's pretty good, but it should have:

1) save and new option when making news

2) Insert image option (same one you get on the bottom of article manager)

3) Overall it would be better if it pulled articles from a specified category and read more option after a set amount of words, like this is a bit of a hassle and also as I said the "news manager" is quite poor

Almost perfect

Posted on 25 March 2013
1) Should support vertical scrolling as well.

2) It breaks if you set "strip html tags" to NO

3) "content link" doesnt work properly, so I have to hack it a bit to open a specific page

Other than that it's great. 4.5 stars from me!
Owner's reply: 1) Should support vertical scrolling as well.
---> we will try to upgrade it

2) It breaks if you set "strip html tags" to NO
---> This is inevitable when cutting html source, you should increase the description length or Use caption of intro image instead of it

3) "content link" doesn't work properly, so I have to hack it a bit to open a specific page
---> Maybe you missed "http://" in url

Thank you for your review very much!

Doesn't work right

Posted on 25 March 2013
Like another reviewer said,

1) on page load it shows only 1 article, even though it is set to show 3 on page load. After I scroll thru it shows all, but that's just ridiculous.

2) It wouldn't load articles from some categories at all.

Looks great and would be very useful, but I have to give it 1 star since it simply doesn't work right.

Fix it and give us a superb extension.


Posted on 24 April 2012
I give it 6 stars, not 5.

I spent around 5 hours trying out different joomla drop down menus and I couldn't make them look the way my design is, each had a glitch.

This one is simple and perfect.

If you want a drop-down menu that you can easily style with CSS in the CSS file this is the one to get.

Supports vertical menus as well!!!!!

This is a common-sense extension, and there aren't many of those!

Thanks to the developer for making such an awesome extension (who would've thought it would actually be a chore to find a normal joomla dd menu module?).
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