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Posted on 27 January 2012
This is so simple to use and does exactly what it claims. It must, surely, be an essential element of any manager's tool kit.


Posted on 27 January 2012
This does exactly as advertised and provides a neat console to control its actions. It is well worth adding to your website.

No Help Available

Posted on 26 January 2012
I'm sure this would be a useful extension but there is no support or documentation for installing or configuring it. It would be helpful if there was even just a list steps for the correct sequence.

Sorry - I think it could be very useful.
Owner's reply: On our website you can find an extensive documentation. Also you can use the forum and we offer support on our website.

googleMaps and associated items

Posted on 22 January 2012
Absolutely super piece of kit and the support is second to none.

Highly recommended.

Works well

Posted on 24 November 2011
It works exactly as advertised and is a great starting point.

Now I've seen how good this is I'm looking to see how to tailor it for my needs.

Great product

Posted on 24 November 2011
This works delightfully without any fuss immediately on installation. It is so easy to install and populate and the range of options make it a delight to work with.

Many Thanks!

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