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Essentioal for every gantry template!

Posted on 12 September 2015
it has reduced number of requests, also good compression on css, js
It would be great if chached file name changed after every compile
Ease of use
sometimes yes! but sometimes no!.. there is always some js files cause problem! and excluding these js files take a lot of time by trying..
I think it is nice.. this extension is much sute for pros so the documentation is enough
Value for money

very nice

Posted on 02 September 2013
now zoo is completed by this great element, i really love it and is very useful to me.

the link to jomsocial profile works but it can't get the avatar form jomsocial! i checked the codes and everything seems to be correct, but it doesn't show jomsocial avatar!
Owner's reply: Thanks, possible it bug with JomSocial 3.1. It will be fixed with next version. Comming soon.



need better support

Posted on 04 August 2013
The most powerful component in the world! there is no match for this monster in the world of joomla
Ease of use
not easy to use but learning it worth it!
really really bad!..
not good enough for developers
Value for money
I used this to: if you use zoo the articles will be shown in the same page the module exist.
this is really bad.
i found the solution and tried to aware them by email, but they said it is not possible to solve it. so i use my solution in my website and it works perfectly!

category blog problem

Posted on 17 November 2011

i love it and be sure this is the best!

just some issue with category blog !

every thing works perfect but menu with category blog doesn't shown! i active "Always append Itemid to SEF URL" in options and problem is gone! but i don't like to add id in urls, is there any way to solve this?

thanks again for this great extension
Owner's reply: Hi

Thanks for your positive reviews. Menus not showing is usually a Joomla Itemid issue. Rather than always appending Itemid, I suggest that you simply customize that particular url to your liking, so that the Itemid is the one you want

Thanks again
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