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Cross browser compatibilty

Posted on 27 January 2013
This is a great plugin but mp4 video is not playing ie8 or firefox. Chrome latest version in not a problem. Developers need to test the plugin with all joomla frameworks and browsers.
Owner's reply: This is not the problem at all. It's all explained under HTML5 (local) videos section in Videobox FAQ here: THe thing is that IE8 is too old to play videos using HTML5 player (Videobox is meant to be pure HTML5 player, no flash player for legacy support). Also, Firefox doesn't support mp4 videos because it's not an open-source format, not because of Videobox. Videos need to be converted to webm or ogv format to work in Firefox, if you prefer to support older browsers and to have your videos in a single format, there are plenty of flash players in this category.

Flash or Video Doesn't work...

Posted on 22 December 2011
It is what I was looking for but Flash or Video doesn't work nor displays media text description. Waste of time to figure it out!
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