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Not works on servers without cURL installed

Posted on 23 September 2012
This extension not works on servers which dont have cURL installed. Unfortunately there are many hosting's who do not support cURL and openly announce that they will not support it in future also because 'it expose his hosting's to unwanted operations' I give 1 star rate because in my case its useless as long as it require cURL to work, while authors of this extension also not show will to do anything about it.
Owner's reply: Jfusion does very complex work and requires some basic functions (including cURL for some software integrations). Asking us to do very complex integrations without some basic software functions is like asking a brain surgeon to operate with only a fork.

If you need complex integrations for your website you better get dump our bad host. Really there is no valid excuse for a host not to support cURL.

Good extension !

Posted on 10 January 2012
sliComments installs without problem on joomla 2.5. and is very easy to configure and use.

At time when i write this review, sliComments is just starting so there are fiew options missing. (For example - it does not show Kunena avatars yet while it allready use Kunena profile names)

Because i see author is very active in updating this extension and it allready show great potential - I believe, soon it may be one of best comment extensions for joomla 1.7 and up.

Recommended and very promising extension.

(While this extension is really good, i not give 5 stars only because theres fiew options missing. Ill give 5 or even 10 stars if these options will be updated in future (Kunena avatars and notification for user that his comment needs to be approved to show in front page))

Very nice plugin

Posted on 26 December 2011
This is very nice plugin. I tried it with joomla 1.7.3 and it seems to work without problems. Its very easy to install and configure. However to get most of it you need some knowledge (as always) about facebook plugins which you may find here
Easy Language

Easy Language

By Team
Multi-lingual Content
Plugin for easy and immediate management of multilingual texts in every possible area of joomla, articles, components, modules, metadata, template, other components (example K2) etc. Easy Language supports all languages ​​supported by joomla. The parameter that filters the language is the language code URL. (es>en) GUIDE: How to install and configure Easy Language http://...
Facebook Graph Connect

Facebook Graph Connect

By Sanwebe
Site Access
Facebook Connect for Joomla implements new Facebook OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization, this extension lets Facebook users quickly register on your site. A Connect with Facebook button is displayed on a selected module position, where users can easily Login or Register by click on it. After registration they are automatically logged in! Next time they visit your site, they can...
SP Facebook

SP Facebook

By JoomShaper
Social Display
JoomShaper is proud to present you SP Facebook, an all in one facebook module for Joomla! This premium quality free module allows you to integrate information on the site from facebook easily. So, what are you waiting for? Download the module right now and see what your friends have liked, commented on or shared sites across the web. Options *Like Box *Comments *Activity Feed *Like Button *...
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