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No joy with 3.2

Posted on 05 December 2013
Component does not work with J!3.2. After authenticating in facebook, I get a white screen, saying "invalid token". Tried to contact the author via his website and via email but no reaction in a week or so.

As the last update was in summer (according to JED), it looks like the extension is not being developed any more.

Basic functionality missing

Posted on 26 November 2013
In short:

- Dropdowns for the image names, can only choose from main image directory, not from subdirectories

- No module class suffix field

=> Pretty much impossible to integrate in any Joomla website with a more than basic structure and tmplate.

Tested with J!3.2.0

Good start

Posted on 07 December 2012
I tested joooid on a tablet running Cyanogenmod 10 / Android 4.1.2. My Joomla installation is 2.5.8.

The basic idea of Joooid is pretty brilliant. Write articles on your tablet - even offline. Manage your content while you are traveling. With the location- and photoupload functions, it could even help to make a personal homepage or blog a facebook replacement.


Managing articles mainly didn't work. Creation worked but not publish/unpublish, trash, etc.

Joooid only knows the pre-ACL access-groups. Those seem to be hardcoded. Individual group/access-level structures are not downloaded. What's even worse, everything that Joooid can't associate with some of the pre-ACL access-groups, is PUBLIC!

So, be VERY careful when you use Joooid to edit existing articles when you have your own ACL-system.

I sent an email to the developers via the integrated report-function but did not get any kind of reply.

Bottom line: Really great idea but missing functionality and a few nasty security issues.
Owner's reply: From the last release (2.1) we started to support Jooomla permission like edit, edit state, edit own in articles, you can read the full release post on joooid blog This is the first step to fully support the Joomla Access Control System, in the next release we'll going to add also the custom access levels as you pointed in your comment so please be patient, we're working on it.

About your issues with the app please download the last update from market and update the component to the last version, you can find on joooid website, then test it again, if you still have issues you can report them in the forum or by mail directly from the app, It takes some time to answer to all the mails we receive but we usually do it in relative short time (about a week).

Uses own service for authentication

Posted on 13 May 2012
I installed the product because I wanted easy authentication through social networks. In the configuration process, however, it asked for an API-key from LoginRadius, so it seems that the plugin is not handling the authentication with the social networks directly but through a service of the manufacturer.

That means, LoginRadius not only gets your facebook and other API-keys through the configuration but also can trace every social activity on your website.

Total NoGo for me!
Owner's reply: Thanks for your feedback.

It seems like you misunderstood the concept. Let us summarize it:
1. The authentication happens on ID Providers website and a user enters his/her credentials on ID Providers website, not on LoginRadius. So we can not see or access user's credential or any critical information. We never have access to user's social account and can not perform any activities in his/her account without users consents.
2. We do not and will never track user activities on social networks as well as on client website. We only assist you with authentication process in current module.
3. After users consent, ID Providers deliver us user's profile data and we store these data in client database. This happens through a highly secure channel.
3. We do not have access to clients database and do not fetch any data/information from client website or database.

Please see our developer section for further technical details.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at We are available 24/7.

LoginRadius Team

Another brilliant plugin from this author!

Posted on 13 May 2012
Plugin has everything facebook the webmaster will need plus a Google +1 button.

I installed fbar on my private website meanwhile. Integrating including small adaptions of the stylesheets and setting practically all CustomHTML modules to "don't prepare" was about 15 minutes! Really great work!

K.i.s.s. - perfect

Posted on 11 May 2012
...easy to install, easy to configure, just works, non-commercial.

KISS (keep it simple and stupid) perfect!

The author also has a couple of other plugins for facebook and other social networks. All non-commercial, of course.

Only thing missing from him is sharing content with own app-id :D.

Seriously, great work, all the plugins!

Really nice shop, BUT...

Posted on 26 January 2012
Hikahop is really a great and powerful shop system, but I use(d) Hikashop for my own little fleamarket on my private website. Since shortly, buyers MUST register to checkout while before it was possible that a buyer can order something without registering. The option to select if a user must register or not was moved into the payware version. I don't want tons of registered users to my website because it's just a private website and I chose Hikashop because with it I could put up my fleamarket really easily.

Because of this change, Hikashop became essentially useless to me which means, I have to deinstall it and install some other shop system and put all the stuff in again as I am not willing to spend over 100€ just to sell a few things that I don't need any more.

Bottom line: Great system but be prepared that the developer might suddenly move essential features to the paid version.
Owner's reply: Hi,

The guest checkout option has always been in the Essential edition of HikaShop since day one. And it doesn't cost over 100 euros but 49.95 euros.
It's a shame that you had to redo all your website on a misunderstanding.
This is however clearly stated on our website.

Excellent extension!

Posted on 20 January 2012
I recently installed the extension on my private website to replace another similar extension.

Installation and configuration went without any problems. The plugin is intelligent enough to pull OG:description and similar from article's metadata and also the og:url is correctly the actual URL of the respective article. Opposed to the extension it replaced, this extension does NOT need to be configured for each and every article separately. Everything goes fully automatic and intelligent, which saves the webmaster a whole lot of time.

The only thing I would do different is as follows:

Some tags are arranged in groups in the configuration, e.g. the localizing tags. One can only enable or disable the whole group and if one then fills e.g. only the og:country field, all other localizing OG tags are still in the header of the site but empty.

I would use an intelligent solution without those group toggles but simply if a field is filled than it appears in the header and if it isn't filled, it doesn't appear in the header.

But this is a minor beauty-flaw. Nothing functional.

Excellent extension, but...

Posted on 19 January 2012
j4age is absolutely useful. It has all necessary functions while not being overloaded and the performance is very good.

Unfortunately, some functions don't work anymore since J!1.7.2/1.7.3. I submitted bug reports and received the reply that the issues are currently being worked at but that was months ago and the last update was more than half a year ago, so it seems that the extension is not really actively being developed and maintained any more.

That's really a pity because IMHO it's among the best free J! statistics extensions!
Owner's reply: Thank you very much for your positive feedback. Currently we indeed face some delays as have not enough resources and we would appreciate any developer, who likes to assist us in this open source project. There are already some nice new features in Beta status and we are looking forward to release them asap. Stay tuned!
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