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Great solution for 3rd party expensive survey monkey business

Posted on 18 April 2016

For small business works great

Ease of use

very easy to use


I amazingly got real time support half way across the world


Not very extensive, but it was enough for my level of Joomla knowledge, and with great support.

Value for money

It is worth the value.

I used this to: An great alternative to BIG headaches trying to work 3rd party survey monkey business and all other money sucking outsources. Community Surveys is freedom, worth the money and I experienced great support in real time half way across the world. Thank You Maverick.
Community Surveys

Community Surveys

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Create the surveys using web 2.0 survey component like never before. Community Surveys allow you to create the surveys with ease and comfort. And what's more? Unlike other components, Community Surveys allows your users to create surveys as well (surveys created from front-end and protected with strong permission system). So you can run your own survey business. NEW: Restrict minimum and maximum number of answers that can be selected for a checkbox question. Features: ♦ Fully Responsive: Not just looks but also behaves great on smartphones, tablets and desktops. ♦ Front-end & Back-end survey creation: You can create surveys from front-end as well as back-end. Fully control which user group will have permission to create, manage, respond from front-end. ♦ Easy to use: Creation of survey using our advanced Ajax framework ♦ 16 question types - Page header, Single selection radio buttons, multi selection check boxes, Single selection combo boxes, Multi row - Multi Column grid questions, Star Ratings, Single row free text, Multi row text area, Password, rich text box, select one image (radio) and select multiple images (checkbox), Name, Email, Calendar, Address. ♦ Conditional Rules: Fully control the flow of response based on user input. When a user selected an answer or not selected an answer, or answered/not answered a question, redirect him to a page or finish survey ♦ Export Reports: PDF and CSV Download of reports ♦ Access Restriction: Allow any user group to create and manage Surveys. Start your own survey business. Create and manage surveys from front-end. ♦ Multiple invitation types - select registered users, a Joomla user group, jomsocial usergroup, acymailing lists or custom contact groups. Or you can send unique survey urls manually through your favorite mail client. ♦ Contact Groups: Manage all your contacts by uploading through csv or enter manually. Add them to multiple contact groups and invite each group at once. ♦ Integrated multilevel category system to categorize all public surveys ♦ Restrict number of survey invitations using Points System. Integrated with CjForum, CjBlog, Alpha User Points, EasySocial and JomSocial Points ♦ Reports and charts - geo chart, daily responses chart, multi-search enabled responses list report, location report and device report ♦ Ability to take surveys with or without your Joomla template (full page mode). ♦ Avatars - Gravatar, CjForum, CjBlog, JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder, Kunena & Alpha User Points ♦ Public Surveys and Private Surveys - Public Surveys allow anyone to take surveys. Private surveys allow you to track who does what. ♦ Redirection: You can redirect users to a custom url, consolidated report or even display custom message after user completes survey response. ♦ Survey Form Module & Results module: Display survey in any module position or article
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