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Posted on 30 January 2012
Hi All, I've been using this plugin for a long time now and I am very happy with it.

It's easy to combine multiple charts in one article, it's beautiful and one of the best features is the ability to have conditional formatting!

The only thing I would change/ adapt is the ability to ALWAYS display the labels values, and not only as tool tip.

Thank you for this plugin and for your effort!
flashChart - Content Plugin

flashChart - Content Plugin

By Joachim Schmidt
Education & Culture
FlashChart has been developed to ease the inclusion of charts within your articles. It is based upon the API of "Open Flash Chart". To get more information on Open Flash Chart visit You can use flashChart to generate several types of chart, i.e. line, bar, and pie charts in 2D or 3D. For each image type you can specify attributes such as size, colors,...
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