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Good extension

Posted on 03 April 2018
easy to use, better than Jsitemap in somee way.
Ease of use
easy to use, automatic scan, send auto to Bing and Google Analytics
Value for money
I used this to: corporate website

Do not buy this component - big bugs with Joomfish !

Posted on 12 July 2012

do not buy this component.

We tried for three months to make it work from an export joomfish! Yes 3 months. And this has never really worked.

We lost a lot of money and time.

And finally we got ejected by the directors. He could not solve our problem! So the best solution for us is to refund and eject us. Amazing. We never see it before.

We think, but we are not sure, this component can work for small sites, but not for a site with over 1000 articles.

You have to buy a more powerful SQL server (according to developers). What we have done, but that is not enough.

So be careful.

It is ok for very small sites of few pages, but not for large sites.

Owner's reply: Hello

I'm sorry you had so much trouble with Josetta. I was personally involved in the support we provided to you, and so I feel I can provide a bit more accurate information.

You were one of the first users of the Joomfish exporter/importer, and indeed there were some issues with exporting data from your site, because of missing or partial translations, which Josetta exporter did not handle very well in the first release. So we asked you for an Akeeba backup of your site, I installed it on my machine, identified issues in the export/import process, and after a couple of days was able to totally import your 6048 articles and more than a 1000 menu items into a fresh Joomla 2.5 web site.

We immediately provided you with the fixed version, and from then you experienced a performance issue, whereby after being loaded with those 6000+ articles, the MYSQL server on your €2.95 per month shared hosting account would fail under load.

We suggested you contact your hosting company, and they said 'yes, we put a strong limit on Mysql, get a bigger account'. It appears even their "bigger account" didn't solve the problem.

Because we had the akeeba backup, we tried ourselves: we had no problem installing your site on a variety of servers: local machine, VPS, cloud server and also the shared hosting account we have for testing under "real life condition". Your site runs fine on all our testing machines, so at the end, yes, we offer to refund you, as obviously the message "your server is not suited to your website" didn't get through.

Josetta does not add any overhead to a web site. It is a data-entry tool only, and multilingual display is entirely done by Joomla! native multilingual system. You can even uninstall Josetta and all your translations are still available and displayed.

I think we did our best, and actually very quickly solved the problem in Josetta. Eventually we offered to refund you though the 30-days no-question-asked money back guarantee had passed, just because you were so unhappy.

But to be honest, the current situation is that all of your old Joomfish content was successfully imported into your new site, and that site runs very fine on a number of hosting, including shared hosting - though not your hosting. Blaming Josetta for that does not seem right to me, from a technical standpoint.

As a side note, the Joomfish importer was released on May 9, that is only two month before your review. Fixes to issues you experienced with export/import were released to the public on May 29, but made available to you after a couple of days only.



Posted on 30 January 2012
Excellent extension, and excellent support.

And now the 2.0 version is out (and fully compatible with Joomla 2.5)

Very good news.

Long life to Ohanah and to his team !
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