Support Has Been GREAT!

Posted on 05 July 2014
After using this extension for a number of years I have been happy with it, especially the support. With any extension there are always bugs, issues, conflicts. The key is an organization that works to fix issues not pass on the blame to your template or other extensions. I have found JoomPlace to be very willing to help with every issue I have had. For that reason alone I would highly recommend them.

Great Extension & Support

Posted on 31 May 2012
I am a neophyte when it comes to Joomla and coding. But, my company has complicated projects and builds sites that require a lot of features. Forms are key. I searched long and hard, as I always do, to find a form building extension that is the best available. I chose BreezingForms because of the power and flexibility it offered. I have not been disappointed in either the extension or the support. I have been working with the extension for months now and have it implemented in a number of sites. As I said earlier, I am a neophyte at coding and had a variety of problems I could not figure out. In every case BreezingForms support was dedicated to solving some complex issues, often having to do with conflicts with other extensions and templates. If your looking for a forms extension, look no further. BreezingForms is it.

Support is as good as the extension

Posted on 13 February 2012
I Recently purchased CalBuilder. I am not a php coder by any means but had a need for an extension that allowed for a custom calculator. After trying in vain to write the calculator myself I turned to the Moonsoft team for help. They were responsive and worked with me to create the perfect calculator. They were absolutely great to work with and their fees were excellent. I recommend CalcBuilder to anyone needing a custom calculator component. If you know php, great, I think you will be able to build anything you need your self. If you don't, like me, the Moonsoft team can create anything you need for a very reasonable price. The combination of excellent extension and excellent support really can't be beat.
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