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Highly Recommended

Posted on 15 July 2013
Great component at affordable price and first class support.

Very useful plugin

Posted on 24 June 2012
Very useful plugin especially if you need to do lot of translation with localise component
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By MCTrading
Social Edition
Article-Generator is a SEO extension for Joomla, which automatically generates new articles with own keywords by pulling text from any feed-source you want, to help with SEO. It gives you the ability to set many different configurations for each feed-source. It keeps you’re site fresh and gives you’re visitors something to read and you have nothing to do. All is done by an cronjob - every 5 mi...
Article Auto ToC

Article Auto ToC

By TomProgs
Article Elements
This plugin automatically generates a linked table of contents for articles based on the headings' hierarchy. Additionally, it also can add numbers to the headings for easier navigation. It is based on the existing plugin 'Article Table of Contents' but because it didn't had all I wanted to have I reworked the settings and fixed the code to work with my Joomla installation and produce valid XHTML...
ARTIO Booking

ARTIO Booking

Booking & Reservations
ARTIO Booking is an universal Joomla component for online bookings and reservations. Allows bookings of one or more objects, with reservation overviews using month, week and day layouts. The reservation system offers a range of features to easy organize and manage bookable items, multiple calendar layouts, advanced price settings and much more. To adapt it, no extra coding is needed, almost every...
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