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Best SEF extension, I tried so far

Posted on 29 July 2013
I tried quite a few SEO extensions, but MijoSEF is by far the most powerful one, I used. It helps me in almost every problem, I face for SEO related topics.


excellent weather extension

Posted on 02 March 2012
I bought this extension together with the mapping and the visitor map extension as power pack from

It is working very good and gives much more weather related information, that what I used before on my older web appliance.

For me personally it is a outstanding product + a even more outstanding service behind it.

excellent visitor map

Posted on 02 March 2012
I used some different visitor map on my old web appliance but now switched to Joomla and wanted to have something similar.

This is extension is much better and allows me everything, what I had in mind.

Support and contact are also outstanding.

outstanding support and absolutely great product

Posted on 02 March 2012
I had a lot of questions, before I bought this extension. Cristi answered them all and provided all map types for me, which I wanted to have. The extension works flawlessly and I do not have to put in own code myself to get good looking maps. Absolutely great extension !!
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