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Posted on 29 April 2014
Does exactly what you want it to and no hassles. Great module to alter a page with CSS.


Posted on 08 November 2013
Perfect out of the box and ready to rock slider! Great module.

Excellent Plugin

Posted on 29 October 2013
Had an issue with number of likes not showing in a development environment, but support was FAST! It's a very good plugin. It could use a few more settings for the placement IMHO or perhaps an area to add new social networks as they evolve, but very well made and amazing support.

Great Module

Posted on 21 August 2012
Very good component and mini-calendar module. I was able to take any or all K2 items and create a calendar from them. So the user just enters the K2 item once and it populates across not only K2 category pages, but in a calendar as well.

In a future release it would be great to be able to show a bracket of dates for an K2 event.(Items added directly to the calendar have this option) Currently an imported K2 item can only have a single date applied, the "Created Date". But perhaps an option to use the "Finish Publishing" date to create a span, in case the event covers several days.

Very good support as well. Not lightening fast, but they will take care of you. They fixed a pretty complex issue I had.

Any issues I had with template interference was due to the template itself, not the module. Some templates will use too vague CSS. Like applying style to base elements like div, p, tr, etc, instead of using a specific class or ID.

It's a little plain, but can be spruced up with some CSS quite easily. I would definitely buy this module again and anyone who buys it should feel confident it will do what it's supposed to.

Very Good Module

Posted on 24 July 2012
Excellent parallax banner slider. Had a glitch but support was on top of it. Could use a few more features, but very good out of the box. Perfect if you can wield a little CSS.

Awesome Map Componant!

Posted on 19 July 2012
Great module for the "affiliations" map I was working on. I was able to show every location as a custom icon on a Google map with custom pop-up bubbles. I only donate when the module is great and I dropped $20 on this one as it works perfectly. Thanks!

Just what the doctor ordered

Posted on 02 July 2012
After tweaking a few others with pretty bad results, I came upon this module. Works great! Even better if you can wield a little CSS. Thank you soo much!

Best Translation Module

Posted on 07 June 2012
Perfect translation module. Simple, clean and doesn't blow out your template.

PS - You can totally style it by over-riding the Google styles with !important tags.

Great Module!

Posted on 26 March 2012
Works perfectly. Great for guiding clients by giving them specific shortcuts. Should be a standard Joomla item. Thanks for creating this!
KC Admin QuickIcons

KC Admin QuickIcons

By Laurelle Keashly
Extensions Quick Icons
The KC Admin QuickIcons administrator module allows the administrator to add up to 10 (15 for the 1.6-1.7-2.5-3.x version) more quick icon access links to the Joomla! backend administrator control panel. Each icon has a text label, a link and it can use an icomoon icon, an icon from the khepri or bluestork template or you can use your own custom icon (max 48px x 48px). In the Joomla! 1.5 version y...


By Widget Factory Limited
An award-winning, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! Includes advanced Image, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration. Office-like functions and familiar buttons make formatting simple Upload, rename, delete, cut/copy/paste images and insert them into your articles using an intuitive and familiar interface Create Links to Categories,...
Easy Accordion

Easy Accordion

By Bob Galway
Coding & Scripts Integration
Uses either Mootools or JQuery for accordion effect. Just pop your content in the textareas with Joomla 3.0 or 2.5 in the parameters and that's your accordion created. Modules has areas for up to eight content (html, javascript, or css ) and title places. Scripts/css etc may also be placed in the head section of your page where necessary. Accordions on a page can work as one,thus the accord...
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