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Amazing Slider, Fantastic Support.

Posted on 24 September 2014
I am building a new site and was looking for a slider to showcase my images. I tried a lot of sliders and none of them come close to what this slider offers. This is a great product with so many options, there is something for everyone. Just turn on the settings that best suit your needs.

I have to take a moment to point out that the support for this component is simply amazing. They are prompt in following up and you don't have to wait forever to get your issues addressed.

This is what ALL extensions should be like. Very robust, well planned and executed with customer support that is second to none.

Thank you for a great product.

Very Nice Extension with great Support

Posted on 24 September 2014
I bought this extension to modify the login and registration pages on my site. This component does not disappoint. Very easy to set up and configure. I had an issue with the captcha not working, and the developer responded within a day with a fix for the issue. Very satisfied.

Looks good on the Demo site. Does not work as advertised.

Posted on 13 September 2014
Unless you have all the images in your directory exactly the same size, don't waste your time with any of the extensions from this developer. If your images are the same size then maybe this will work for you. If I am going to point it at a folder full of images, I expect the module to be smart enough to resize all images to resize to a height specified and let the widths flow. Not this module. If your images are different sizes, mine are, I am a photographer, then this will not work for you.

Save yourself the time and look somewhere else.
Owner's reply: Hello commpilot23,

We have an option to auto resize images. You just need enable it, and all image will auto resize with same width, height as your module width, height.

If you don't know how to use it, you can read documentation of this module there:

If you still can't make it work, you can post your problem to our forum here:

I don't know why you said: "don't waste your time with any of the extensions from this developer". We have many extensions there, and many people like it.

You should consider carefully before write negative review. Because you will kill a good developer with your untrue review.

Thanks for your time.

Bought pro version and very disappointed.

Posted on 27 March 2012
I tried the lite version and worked great for the purpose I had in mind. However I needed the extra features that were advertised in the pro version and decided to buy it. Heres where it all went downhill.

I got the file that I purchased about two hours later as an attachment to an email. Upon loading the module I realized that the module did not even have the basic functionality that the free version had. I had uploaded three test images to my server for the lite version and it worked great. The thumbnails were generated and I could cycle through the images in the folder. Great.

In the pro version, the images were mereley stacked on top of each other and no thumbnails were generated. I sent a message to the author hoping that it was just a wrong version of the file that was sent to me and that getting the correct file would just fix it. 15 hours now and still no word. I even sent them another email through their site but no response to that either. As a last resort I am posting a review here. It makes me question the validity of the previous reviews who rave about the absolutely fast and fantastic response of the developer.

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